The Forbidden Love.

Romeo and Juliet have to fight for their love. They will do anything to be with each h other, even die to be with one another. Join them on a journey that will captivate you from the very first chapter.


3. Chapter Three

   In the middle of the night there was someone throwing stones at Juliet’s balcony door. She went outside to Romeo there.


    ‘I could not stop thinking about you’ he said.

    ‘Come up’ Juliet said.


   So Romeo did what he did the other night.


    ‘Where did you go?’ she asked him.

    ‘When?’ he asked back.

    ‘When I woke up you weren’t next to me’ Juliet replied.

    ‘I had to get back to the farm before someone noticed that I was gone’ he said.

    ‘Ok’ Juliet said.


   Romeo kissed Juliet. But she pushed him back. He stared at her.


    ‘What’s wrong?’ he asked.


   Juliet told Romeo all about Prince Christopher. She told him that she has to marry him because she has got no say in the matter. She also told him that her father still treats her like a child.


    ‘It’s going to be ok’ he said.


   After they stared at each other for a really long time there was a knock at the door.


    ‘Juliet wake up I need to talk to you’ the person behind the door said.

    ‘Romeo, you must go’ Juliet whispered to Romeo. ‘I’m coming’ she said to Prince Christopher.


   Juliet waited until Romeo had gone back over the ledge and was out of sight before she opened the door.


    ‘Yes?’ she asked him, looking sleepy.

    ‘Where is he?’ Prince Christopher demanded, pushing past Juliet and walking into her room.

    ‘I don’t know what or who your talking about’ Juliet said, crossing her arms across her chest.

    ‘You know who. The man you were talking to before’ he said.

    ‘There is only me in here. So leave now so I can get some sleep’ Juliet demanded.

    ‘I’m going to find out who was in here with you. And when I do there’s going to be trouble’ he snarled at her, walking out of the room.


   Juliet locked the door behind him and went to bed. She began to fall asleep slowly. In the morning she went downstairs to find that her father and Prince Christopher were talking softly among themselves. All through breakfast she and Prince Christopher didn’t say a word to each other. After breakfast her father approached her.


    ‘What’s wrong?’ he wanted to know.

    ‘Nothing’ mumbled Juliet in reply.


   Juliet walked off to her room and shutting her door behind her she sat on her bed. That night Romeo came to see her. He climbed up the vine.


    ‘I’m back’ he said, opening the door, and then handing Juliet some flowers.

    ‘Thank you, there beautiful’ she said, kissing Romeo.

    ‘Who is this?’ asked a very mean voice behind Juliet.


   Juliet swung around to find Prince Christopher standing in the doorway.


    ‘This is the man you love?’ Prince Christopher asked.


   Romeo took a few steps back.


    ‘Yes I do’ Juliet replied, as Prince Christopher pushes her into a wall.

    ‘Hey leave my lady alone’ shouts Romeo walking up to Prince Christopher.

    ‘And what if I don’t?’ he asked him in a challenge.


   Romeo walked right up to Prince Christopher. Putting himself between Juliet and Prince Christopher. Romeo punched Prince Christopher in the nose and he stumbled back. Blood was now coming out of his nose. Juliet got up.


    ‘Lets go’ Juliet whispered to Romeo, tugging at his shirt.


   Romeo kicked Prince Christopher and as he was trying to stand up Romeo pushed him back onto the ground. They were about to make their exit when Juliet’s father walked into the room. Seeing Prince Christopher on the ground and seeing Romeo holding Juliet’s hands. Juliet explained what had happened to him. He was angry.


    ‘I forbid you to love Romeo. He is not royal or wealthy and he is not fit to rule this palace. After all he is just a low life peasant who is unfit to be anything else’ her father snarled at her as he walked out.

    ‘I will be back’ Romeo said, climbing down from the balcony and disappearing into the forest and into the night.


   Juliet stood up and so did Prince Christopher. He shot Juliet a look of evils and then he left, trailing after King Victor he left. That night Juliet was sitting up in her room when she heard a knock at her balcony door. She knew who it was right away and she got up and ran to answer it. There standing there as handsome as ever was Romeo. He pulled her close to him and they stumbled into Juliet’s room where they collapsed onto her bed. It wasn’t like the first time they made love. It wasn’t as soft as it was and as Romeo collapsed onto Juliet and then rolling off he said.


    ‘I have to go away’ he said.

    ‘Let me come with you’ Juliet whispered to him in a begging voice.

    ‘This is the last time you will ever see me’ Romeo whispers to Juliet as he kissed her softly

    ‘What? Why? Please stay with me or take me with you’ Juliet pleaded once more.

    ‘I’m sorry I can’t take you with me’ Romeo said, climbing down the tree and disappearing into the forest.


   Juliet got up and wrapped herself in the sheet. She rushed out onto her balcony only to find that he was truly gone. Juliet broke down in tears as she fell to the ground as she was unable to control the tears that were coming from her eyes.

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