My Poetry Book

This all the poems that my experences has inspired me to write so I don't do something rash, so please don't judge. This would make it where I can live with my problems. Some times some poems may sound the same, most likely the love poems that is because, I tend to write poems for my boyfriends and they all seem to be the same in a sense but not always. Thank you, no judging, thank you.


25. Lost

Have you ever been stuck in a box

Watching someone else live your life

People sees a change but she blames in on abuse

Turn yourself into a monster in others' eyes

Seeing the things that she has done

Ruin the life that you once had

Hurt the ones you raised 

Have you ever been stuck in a box

Unable to get out 

No one to see you

No one to help you

Stuck in box for 5 years

Lost in the darkness she created

Till she fell in love with a cowboy

He found you

Got you out of that box

You finally get you life back

But deal with the mistakes of hers

Free from the box

Free to live your life 

And make up for the time lost 

Being stuck in a box for 5 years

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