My Poetry Book

This all the poems that my experences has inspired me to write so I don't do something rash, so please don't judge. This would make it where I can live with my problems. Some times some poems may sound the same, most likely the love poems that is because, I tend to write poems for my boyfriends and they all seem to be the same in a sense but not always. Thank you, no judging, thank you.


22. Lies

Have you ever thought that no matter what someone says you will be fine

That you will be safe from harm

That they would always tell you the truth

What if he turns out to be a compulsive liar

What if you don't see it

People tell you that he is

Who do you believe

Your heart who loves him

Or your brain which is telling you that something is fishy

That your adopted father wouldn't lie to you

When he too has accedentally hurt you

Who do you believe

What do you listen to

What do you do

Continue living in a fantasy

Or man up to face reality

To risk heartbreak

To risk pain

What if...

Deep inside you know they are right

You are human though

You don't want to hurt

To be in pain

So do you ignore them

Or do you risk that for friends and family's trust

That is why lies are bad

They can hurt more than intended

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