My Poetry Book

This all the poems that my experences has inspired me to write so I don't do something rash, so please don't judge. This would make it where I can live with my problems. Some times some poems may sound the same, most likely the love poems that is because, I tend to write poems for my boyfriends and they all seem to be the same in a sense but not always. Thank you, no judging, thank you.


47. Death's Right Hand

Have you ever wondered who is the right hand of Death

The Angel of Death, who drew their last breath

So long ago

The Angel of Death has outgrown the world thy have known

One who is misunderstood

For he is not a demon, even though he wears a hood

Just an angel who has fell to the darkness

Just like Death, harmless

Everyone has a limited amount of time

You better watch your crimes

For one day the Angel of Darkness, the Angel of Death, will be coming to bring your soul

You will have to pay the toll

With the scales of truth and your soul

Don't be afraid of the Angel of Darkness

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