My Poetry Book

This all the poems that my experences has inspired me to write so I don't do something rash, so please don't judge. This would make it where I can live with my problems. Some times some poems may sound the same, most likely the love poems that is because, I tend to write poems for my boyfriends and they all seem to be the same in a sense but not always. Thank you, no judging, thank you.


15. Death

People take death for granted

Some see it as a rescue, a relief

Others see it as nothing but heart break

While those who have nothing to fear just believes that it is, just the beginning to something new

Well to me, it is a little of all

If you think of it long enough

You realize

Everyone has to go through death eventually

It is just another milestone to go through

Everyone has to do two things in life

Be born and to die

That is the way it is

The way it has to be

Yeah it hurts when loved ones pass

Yeah, it is an escape from pain, abuse, neglect, and other horrid things

Yeah, those who have no fear, believes that they will see their maker

Or others believe that there is something more, beyond death

But Death is nothing like that

Death is just a way of life

You don’t see a cow, killing itself before the butcher

Yeah you may see a mother goat crying for the lose of it’s kid

But animals don’t believe in gods, goddesses, or infernal beings

Death is just a way of life

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