My Poetry Book

This all the poems that my experences has inspired me to write so I don't do something rash, so please don't judge. This would make it where I can live with my problems. Some times some poems may sound the same, most likely the love poems that is because, I tend to write poems for my boyfriends and they all seem to be the same in a sense but not always. Thank you, no judging, thank you.


2. Country

I go outside at night 

Sit and watch the fireflies

Then I look up and gaze at the moon

I hear the wolves far a boon

Howling at the beautiful moon

Here by my fire

I can't think what would make this better

There is just one desire that I want

If it causes pain to others 

Here in the country Nature is King

Come out and sit by me

We can sing with the wolves 

To the beautiful Queen

The Moon is Nature's Queen

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