The Miracle

Hadley was in some ways normal and in others not so normal. She dreamed of meeting 1D like every other girl, but what happens when her dream comes true? Will it have a happy ending or will it all come tumbling down?


14. Waking Up Part 2: Makeup?

Niall's POV:

I was holding Hadley's hand and trying so hard not to cry. While I was holding her hand I felt her move it. I looked up, but her eyes were close. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me until I heard her voice. "Niall?" "Hadley! You're awake it's a miracle." "Where's my mom?" "She's at home, but I'm so happy you're awake you've been in a coma for five months..." "Wait what it's only been five days." "No, it's been five months." "Oh my god, wait why are you here." "It's a long story, but I need to go get the doctor." With that I went to get the doctor.


Hadley's POV:

I tried to think of why he would be here, then it hit me Nana said not to give up on love cause she knew he was here. I just wonder for how long. A few minutes later Niall came back in with the doctor. The doctor called my parents so they could see me and sign my discharge papers. I was still in the hospital room. Niall and Sam were there with. Sam was so happy to see me awake. I finally worked up the nerve to ask Niall how long and why he was here. "So Niall back to what I asked you before. Why are you here and how long have you been here." "Well um..." Sam suddenly stepped in. "He's been here the whole time he never left your side, and he's here because I called him." "Oh, but I thought you didn't care anymore and that's also why you started dating Barbara." "I've always cared about you Hadley your my whole world and the only reason I started dating Barbara was because you would never answer my phone calls. I was trying to tell you sorry cause Liam told me what actually happened, and when you never answered I started dating Barbara to get my mind off of you, but I never could." "Aw Niall that's so sweet." "Does that mean you'll be my girlfriend again." "Yes."  

Sorry for the short chapter

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