The Miracle

Hadley was in some ways normal and in others not so normal. She dreamed of meeting 1D like every other girl, but what happens when her dream comes true? Will it have a happy ending or will it all come tumbling down?


10. The Party Part 3

Hadley's POV:

He kept stepping closer and closer till we were only a few inches apart. "Liam stop, what are you doing" I said. He didn't answer he just crashed his lips to mine. I tried pushing him off of me, but he was too strong. The door opened, but he didn't back off till the person said "what the HELL!" He backed off and I saw it was Niall. He had tears forming in his eyes. I hate seeing him cry. "Wait Niall it's not what it looks like." "Oh so you weren't just making out with my best friend, I'm leaving and were through." With that he left and slammed the door. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. "This is all your fault, if you would of just left me alone, I never want to see you ever again." I was heading for the door when I heard Liam say "wait Hadley, I didn't mean to I just wanted you to know how I felt about you." "Well look how that turned out, you could've just told me, goodbye Liam." I left and called my Aunt. She came and picked me up. She tried to get me to tell her what was wrong but I just ignored her and looked out the window. When we got to the house I went straight to my room and tried to go to sleep.


Liam's POV:

What have I done. I have to fix this. I found Zayn sitting in the lobby I decided to go ask him where Niall went. "Hey Zayn do you know where Niall went." "Yeah he said he was going to go to the park and get some fresh air, he also looked really down." "Okay thanks." I headed to the park. I found Niall sitting on the bench crying. I walked up to him and sat next to him. "Hey Niall." "What do you want, why are you even here?" "I'm here to apologize." "Go away, you've already done enough." "Please just here me out Niall." "Alright fine." I explained everything to him and he just sat their and listened not saying anything. When I had finished he finally said something. "Oh no what have I done, I need to talk to her."






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