The Miracle

Hadley was in some ways normal and in others not so normal. She dreamed of meeting 1D like every other girl, but what happens when her dream comes true? Will it have a happy ending or will it all come tumbling down?


7. Seeing Hadey

Niall's POV

I finally landed in Oklahoma City, but I still had to drive forty five minutes to get to her house. I was kind of nervous. On the drive there I saw a jewelry store. I know Hadley doesn't like jewelry that much, but I went ahead and got her a bracelet that said Niall in the Irish flag colors so she'll always think of me. When I finally got to her house (which I've never been before) I saw a dog come up. She lived in the country in a trailer which I didn't mind. Just looking around I could tell it was very beautiful out here. When I was walking up to the door I could hear dogs barking inside. I wonder how many dogs she had. I knocked on the door and her sister Samantha from the concert opened it. She looked so surprised. "Ni-Ni- Niall"  she stuttered. "Samantha right" I asked. She just nodded. "Can I see Hadley please" I asked. "Come on in" she said. With that I came in, she had me sit on the couch and she went to go get Hadley. She went into the hallway and into the first room. A few moments later Hadley came out with a huge smile on her face. I smiled back and gave her a hug. We pulled away a few moments later. "Come meet my mom" she said. We walked through the kitchen to her moms door she knocked on the door and her mom said come in. "Stay right here" she said. I nodded. She went in to talk to her mom. She said "mom remember how I said a friend was coming to stay with me and you wanted to know who and I said you'll see." "Yes" she said. "Well I want you to meet Niall Horan." With that I walked in. "Hello Mrs. Watson, it's very nice to meet you." All she could do was stand there in shock. She then looked at Hadley and said "so you weren't lying I'm so sorry I didn't believe you." "It's okay mom" Hadley said. With that she took me back into the living room. "I can see why you like the country it's so beautiful out here along with quiet and peaceful" I said. "I know" she said. "So what do you want to do" I asked. "What do you want to do" she said. " Well first I have something important to ask you." "Okay what do you want to ask me." "Well um will you be my girlfriend?" She looked at me for a few seconds then answered "yes!" I jumped up and picked her up and spun her around. "I got you something so you will always think of me" I said. I took out the bracelet and put it on her wrist. She looked at it in amazement and then said "it's beautiful." That night I called Harry. "Hello" he answered. "Hey Harry I just thought I tell you she said yes." "That's great man way to go." "Well I'm off to bed talk to you later mate." "Okay see ya." With that I went to sleep.

Last Day Of Break-

It's the last day of break and I was so sad cause that means I have to go back home. Two weeks from now is Hadley's birthday and the boys and me will be in Tulsa again where I first met Hadley. I was getting ready to go to the airport. I said goodbye to everyone then I told Hadley that two weeks from now I'll be picking her up to hang out she said "okay." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and then left. I already told the boys about me throwing a birthday party for Hadley. They all said they would help out. I was on the airplane heading back home. I was getting tired and fell asleep.


Sorry I haven't been updating, it's getting closer to summer so I've been busy with school and family.

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