The Miracle

Hadley was in some ways normal and in others not so normal. She dreamed of meeting 1D like every other girl, but what happens when her dream comes true? Will it have a happy ending or will it all come tumbling down?


18. OMG I'm Pregnant

 Niall's POV:

I can't believe it I'm going to be a father. I'm so scared and excited at the same time.

Later That Night-

I had all the boys and there girlfriends and Sam come over since Sam and Harry were dating, to tell them the good news. Also it looks like Louis got a new girlfriend, her name is Sarah and She's pretty cool. Everyone is finally here and it's time to tell them the good news.

Hadley's POV:

"Okay everyone Niall and I have some good news. We're having a baby." The girls all started jumping and screaming with me. "I call throwing the baby shower" said Sam. The boys all congratulated Niall. I'm so happy this wonderful miracle happened to me.

~~The End

Don't worry there will be a second one but only if I get at least 150 people to like the book because then I know you guys want a second one. If you make it the second book will be called The Miracle 2: Raising a Child


Rachel <3 


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