The Miracle

Hadley was in some ways normal and in others not so normal. She dreamed of meeting 1D like every other girl, but what happens when her dream comes true? Will it have a happy ending or will it all come tumbling down?


5. Meeting Niall

Niall's POV:

After the show I told the boys I had to do something. Harry was smirking and I just blushed. I went behind the arena and waited for Hadley. I was fantasying about Hadley she was just perfect. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I jumped and then saw it was Hadley and just smiled. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you" she said. "Oh no your fine" I said. She just smiled and nodded her head. Oh how I could stare at her all night. My thoughts were interrupted when she said "so why did you want me to meet you." I just smiled at the thought of why I wanted to meet her then said "because I like you of course" with a smirk on my face. She started blushing.


Hadley's POV:

I started blushing when he said that. He then said "can I ask you something." "Sure" I said. My phone started buzzing, it was Sam. I told him sorry I had to go. I went to walk away, then he grabbed me and said "can I at least get your number?" I wrote my number on a piece of paper and left. My phone started buzzing. It was a text from an unknown number it said I already miss you I wish you were still here Niall xx. I texted back an said How can you miss me you barley know me lol Hadley xx. He texted back and said But I feel I've known you my whole life lol Niall xx. I smiled and texted back that I had to go. Sam gave me a weird look. "What?" "Who are you texting." "Oh um someone." "What's their name?" "It's nobody." "Well this nobody is making you blush every time they text. What's his name?" "It's nobody just forget about it." "Okay what ever." With that she left me alone. That night I went to bed (or tried to). I couldn't sleep because all I could think about was Niall. My medicine finally kicked in and I crashed.


Niall's POV:

When I got back to the hotel I couldn't sleep. All I could do was think about is Hadley. So I decided to take some sleeping aids. A twenty minutes later I finally crashed.


Liam's POV:

I couldn't stop thinking about Hadley. I knew Niall liked her but so did I. I decided who ever gets her first will get her. With that in mind I wondered after the show what Niall went to do. Then it hit me he met up with Hadley. I had to get to work if I wanted Hadley to be mine. With that I fell asleep.


I like how this novel is going thank you for the ones who are reading it.

Favorite and comment what you think.

Rachel <3

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