Troll Princess

Scalette is a troll, a middle-class one at that, but when the Queen's daughter is killed in her human home, the Queen must replace her discreetly. In a heavily matriarchal society she now has to govern, Scarlett finds that running a tribe of trolls isn't exactly easy.


4. Wedding Day

The Queen passed away the next day; she had waited until I left the room to go to training to slip away. Typical of her to care more about someone else than about herself, I let the party planners do what they needed to to begin the preparations for my coronation, but never before had a coronation been held off for more than a few hours after the death of a monarch. But it was the dying wish of the Queen that I am given a few extra days to prepare for the life ahead of me – hell I could barely comprehend my life before being picked.

The contact from the Acymonts came almost immediately requesting a meeting; the servant girl with red hair became my assistant, and scheduled the meeting for a few hours after lunch, which gave me literally no time to prepare; which I figured was for the best. I sat quietly in the meeting room, sipping tea, barely even glancing as the girl brought the boy who must have been a year older than me with cropped blond hair, and green eyes that glittered like gemstones. I smiled politely gesturing to the seat opposite me, discretely moving my blue tinted hair over my shoulder thankful that today was one of the days that my oddities showed plainly. He smirked silently, moving forward into the light I suppressed a gasp; his skin was tinted a slight blue colour. But when he moved back into the shadows all oddities disappeared.
‘Your Highness, it is a pleasure to meet you, I am...” I raised my hand stopping him mid sentence.

“I know who you are Mr. Acymont, or should I call you James? Let’s just get down to these negotiations shall we?” I spoke quickly, and with force but still tried to edge my voice towards politeness.

“I want to marry you Scarlett” Those six words shocked me completely, and I went stone still. “We will be equal partners in ruling. The only reason we have gone so far to do this is that no women of my tribe can reproduce; however we know that matriarchal societies are very…..fertile.” He spoke nervously, as if the idea made him uncomfortable.

I took a deep breath, settling into my chair and looking over this boy once again, who, much like me was forced into this position of ruling people, and making decisions that would change history.

“I suppose I could love you, I just don’t know you very well.” I started, biting the inside of my lip. “I think it would be better if we started with a date. Wouldn’t you? You can stay here in the palace while we get to know each other and we can begin to work together, I would like our tribes to have peace, even if we do not marry.” As I spoke I felt certain of my decision finally, and James too looked relieved.

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