Troll Princess

Scalette is a troll, a middle-class one at that, but when the Queen's daughter is killed in her human home, the Queen must replace her discreetly. In a heavily matriarchal society she now has to govern, Scarlett finds that running a tribe of trolls isn't exactly easy.


3. Negotiations

I had spent the night within the library walls, reading and rereading scrolls of my tribes history, I read about the other tribes; some which were primarily patriarchal ruled by only men where the women where degraded and treated as second class citizens. I tried multiple times to assess the vision from last night, but the only hint I could find was the crest of what I assumed was the army that had slain us all. An eagle flying high in blue wings stretched out to the edges of the crest set within gold lining, with a keen eye I had found the clan that seemed to be the future death of my people. I was correct in my assumption that it would be a male dominated society, they had been known for acts of aggression against other female dominated tribes, but they always tried for some sort of negations beforehand. Unfortunately no text that I read had any information on these negations; except to say that each tribe had declined and then within the month had been attacked and slaughtered.

I tried to reason with my thoughts, I wanted to confront them before they attacked, but I resisted knowing that we were the strongest of the female dominated tribes in this part of the country, and they would still be planning. Along with the fact that I had been crowned Queen in the vision also gave me a sense of security even though it was only one of many possibilities that could occur I knew that death was one of the centre of many of them. I sat against the wall of the library, not caring if anyone saw me looking unprincess like I was still just a seventeen year old girl who preferred pants over dresses and who had to rule a tribe of trolls and who had visions of the future where everyone – including me – was dead. When the door creaked open I shifted to a more formal sitting position – meaning I crossed my legs and straightened my spine. A young girl with startling red hair entered slowly, peeking around to see where I was hiding. Brushing the imaginary lint off my skirts I stood – trying to be graceful. I stood patiently, my hands clasped in front of my body.

“Your Highness” The girl started and stopped nervously, I simply raised my eyebrows as if she had displeased me by not speaking another one of my ‘mothers’ suggestions came to mind; ones servants must fear you otherwise they will gossip without fear of reprisal. ‘Her Royal Majesty the Queen has requested your presence in her private chambers” The girl curtseyed and exited quickly, and I stifled a sigh as I once again gathered myself and hurried to my mother’s room.

“Scarlett” Her voice carried to the hallway outside her room where I waited, steeling myself for whatever was to come. “Please don’t dawdle in the hallway” I walked in slowly, smiling sheepishly as I came to sit in what had become my usual spot at the end of the Queens bed. “I know you have been keeping yourself in the library all night, and I myself have been doing my own research” The Queen talked as if it was no major issue, but the lines on her face were showing signs of age, and her hair was still progressing to a silver – almost completely there now. “You must be prepared for what the Acymonts will ask you” Her breath was slow and deliberate. “They will ask that you marry the heir to the throne; thus uniting two tribes. You will have equal power. It will be the first union of its kind if you accept…..And I’m sure you already know what the other option is.”

“Death” The word slipped easily from my mouth, and the Queen nodded, as though saying the word would cause her too much grief.

“Daughter, I am going to die in a day or two, I’m sure you’ve already noticed how quickly I am aging. My physician expects Ill not last the end of forty-eight hours. After I am dead you are to wait three days to be coroneted, you should be contacted within that time by the Acymonts about their so called negotiations. I will say this again; you must accept.” I nodded solemnly, knowing my voice wouldn’t be able to handle talking any more.

I turned, carefully snuggling into the bed with the woman who had become my mother, and cuddled with her, wondering if she was thinking about the daughter she had lost, or whether her kingdom would survive with the girl she had put in charge.

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