The Forbidden Love

Romeo and Juliet have to fight for their love. They will do anything to be with each h other, even die to be with one another. Join them on a journey that will captivate you from the very first chapter.


1. Chapter One

Juliet was sitting up in her room reading a book when her father walked in.


    ‘You have to start getting ready for the masked ball’ he said.

    ‘I know father. But why do I have to go?’ Juliet asked him.

    ‘Because darling we need to find you suitable husband’ he replied, kissing Juliet on the forehead.


   He walked out the door. Juliet let out a sigh. That night was the ball. She got there just in time. As she walked through the door someone came up to her but she couldn’t see there face. He was wearing a mask. He was also tall, dark and very handsome.


    ‘May I have this dance?’ the stranger asked.

    ‘Of course’ Juliet replied.


   They danced well into the night. People were leaving as the night progressed. Once the last song ended and the band stopped playing they walked outside with each other. Not too close together.


    ‘I have to go’ he said.

    ‘Will I ever see you again?’ Juliet asked him.

    ‘Yes’ he replied.

    ‘How will I know that it is you?’ she asked.

    ‘You will just know it is me’ he replied, kissing Juliet softly on the lips. ‘Goodbye’ he whispered.


   When Juliet opened her eyes he was gone. All that was moving was the leaves moving in the wind. She didn’t know which way he went, and it was too late now to go looking. So Juliet went back inside.


    ‘Where have you been?’ her father asked her once she was inside.

    ‘I was outside. I went for a walk’ Juliet replied.

    ‘Well go upstairs and get ready for bed. It’s getting late’ he said.

    ‘Ok father’ Juliet said, hugging her father and going upstairs.

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