The Forbidden Love

Romeo and Juliet have to fight for their love. They will do anything to be with each h other, even die to be with one another. Join them on a journey that will captivate you from the very first chapter.


9. Chapter Nine

After awhile there was a very loud knock at the door. Juliet went to answer it.


    ‘Juliet I need to speak to you’ said Prince Christopher. Then he saw Romeo.

    ‘Romeo would you mind leaving for a few minutes’ said Juliet, staring at Romeo.


   Romeo kissed Juliet and then left.


    ‘Why don’t we have a drink?’ asked Prince Christopher.

    ‘Ok’ Juliet replied, sitting down.


   Romeo was unaware of what was happening inside Juliet’s room so he decided to go for a walk. He entered the grave yard and right away he had a strange feeling that someone was following him. Every time he looked behind him there was no one there. He had to keep telling himself that no one was following him. He stopped suddenly, staring at a gravestone. It was his grave stone.


    ‘What?’ he asked himself, puzzled and confused.

    ‘You’re dead. Or your going to be’ said a person behind him.


  Romeo swung around to see King Victor standing there. In one of his hands he was holding an extremely long sword.


    ‘What? Why? What have I done wrong?’ Romeo asked, frightened.

    ‘My daughter deserves better. She deserves someone with class. I forbid her to continue being married to you. She must marry Prince Christopher’ he replied.

    ‘So you’re going to kill me?’ asked a very terrified Romeo.


   King Victor just smiled a wicked smile and nodded. Romeo took a step back. He should of run but he didn’t have enough time because right at that moment King Victor raised his sword and stabbed Romeo through the heart. Romeo fell back onto his grave and died.


   Juliet knew nothing of the event that had just happened but then she knew that something was wrong when her father entered the room.


    ‘His dead’ King Victor whispered in Prince Christopher’s ear.

    ‘Good’ Prince Christopher whispered back.

    ‘You killed Romeo? Why?’ Juliet asked, trying not to cry.

    ‘Because he was not suited to be king’ King Victor replied.

    ‘I’m not marring Prince Christopher’ said Juliet.

    ‘You will’ he father said strongly.

    ‘No! I’ll never marry him’ Juliet nearly screamed.

    ‘You have no choice in the matter’ King Victor said.

    ‘I hate you’ screamed a crying Juliet.

    ‘That’s just life’ Prince Christopher said.


   Juliet got up from her seat and took the sharp knife that was sitting on the table and bolted out of the door. She ran straight to the graveyard. Not stopping to catch her breath or to look behind her. She was looking around for him when she noticed his lifeless body on the ground.


    ‘No please’ sobbed Juliet, although she knew that it was too late.


   She knelt beside Romeo’s dead body and started crying even more. He touched the spot in which her father had stabbed him. She kissed his cold, lifeless dead lips and took the knife and held it to her heart.


    ‘I will join you my love’ she whisper.


   And as she said those words she stabbed herself straight through her heart, drew it out and collapsed onto Romeo’s dead body. Still holding his lifeless hand in hers.

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