The Forbidden Love

Romeo and Juliet have to fight for their love. They will do anything to be with each h other, even die to be with one another. Join them on a journey that will captivate you from the very first chapter.


5. Chapter Five

Juliet was woken up the next morning by a crashing noise downstairs. She went downstairs to check out what made the noise.


    ‘I’m sorry did I wake you?’ asked Prince Christopher.

    ‘What are you doing looking through my fathers draw?’ Juliet asked him.

    ‘I was just looking for something’ he replied, closing the draw and leaving the room.


   Juliet went to the drawer that Prince Christopher was looking through before. Sure enough there was a piece of paper with only once sentence on it.


    ‘The riches of being a king’ Juliet read to her self.


   Could Prince Christopher be using her and her family just to be king and rule? Could he just want to marry her to be king? These questions and more kept running through Juliet’s head. Juliet decided to tell her father hoping that maybe he would understand and believe her. She left the study and made her way towards her father’s bedroom. But she stopped just before she knocked. Would he believe her? Or does he still think that she loves Romeo? But of course she still loved him, but she would never show any sign of it. She crept away from her father’s room and headed to her room in silence. Who would believe her? Romeo would but he was no longer with her anymore.


   Juliet must have fallen asleep because when she woke up the next morning it was day light outside. She got up slowly. She let out a yawn and got her dressing gown on and went downstairs for breakfast.


    ‘Morning princess her father greeted her.

    ‘Morning dad, how was your sleep?’ Juliet asked him.

    ‘Good. How was yours?’ he asked back.

    ‘Good’ she replied.


   After they chatted for awhile someone ran into the room.


    ‘It’s gone!’ the person yelled, catching his breath.

    ‘What’s gone?’ King Victor asked.

    ‘The jewel, it’s gone’ the person said a little better.

    ‘What? This can’t be true. The jewel is always locked up and I am the only person who has the key’ he said.


   The person who’s name was William told King Victor everything.


    ‘King Victor I saw Princess Juliet at your bedroom door last night’ said Prince Christopher.

    ‘Is this true?’ he asked Juliet.

    ‘Yes father, but I didn’t take the jewel’ Juliet replied.

    ‘I saw her put the key in her pocket this morning’ Prince Christopher said.

    ‘Turn out your pockets Juliet’ her father said in a stern voice.


   Juliet knew that she wasn’t guilty so she turned out her pockets. And as she did the key fell to the floor.


    ‘So it is true. Where is the jewel Juliet?’ King Victor asked in shocked.


   Juliet knew and Prince Christopher knew that she didn’t take the jewel.


    ‘You will be locked away in your room until you give me back the jewel. Prince Christopher would you please take Juliet to her room’ King Victor said as he left the table.


   Juliet wanted to follow her father but decided not to. Prince Christopher took Juliet’s wrist and led her out of the room and upstairs to her bedroom.


    ‘You took the jewel and you somehow managed to put the key in my pocket and frame me’ she said, staring at Prince Christopher.

    ‘Yes I did, but you have no proof of it and you have lost your father’s trust’ Prince Christopher admitted, letting out an evil laugh.

    ‘I’ll prove it was you. Just you wait and see’ Juliet said.


   Prince Christopher shoved Juliet into her room. He locked it as well and walked away from the room. Juliet’s eyes filled with tears as she knew that there was no hope for her now. She was startled by a rock hitting her balcony’s glass door.


    ‘Juliet, are you up there?’ asked the strangers voice.


   Juliet knew straight away who it was straight away. It was Romeo. She whipped away the tears from her eyes and as quickly as she could she ran to the door and opened it. She ran onto the ledge.


    ‘You came back. I though you said that you would never come back’ Juliet said, letting a single tear fall from her eye.

    ‘Of course, you mean everything to me and more. I love you’ Romeo said, climbing up the vine and standing in front of Juliet.


   Romeo let a tear fall. He kissed Juliet like the way he always kissed her, with such softness but with a lot of roaring passion.


    ‘I’m sorry I left you behind but I had no choice’ Romeo said to her.

    ‘You did have a choice’ Juliet stared back at him.

    ‘No I didn’t. Prince Christopher was threatening to lock me up if I didn’t leave you alone’ he said


   They both went inside. They sat down on Juliet’s bed and Juliet told him everything that happened since he left.


    ‘That’s really bad. Prince Christopher just wants King Victor to trust him more then you’ Romeo kissed her again.


   They pulled back and Romeo stood up and just at that moment the floor started shaking.

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