The Forbidden Love

Romeo and Juliet have to fight for their love. They will do anything to be with each h other, even die to be with one another. Join them on a journey that will captivate you from the very first chapter.


8. Chapter Eight

   Juliet was rounding a corner when a siren went off. What now? She thought to herself. She had to get out of the way. Juliet dove behind some barrels just in time as the guards ran past her in a hurry and up the stairs. As she got closer to Romeo’s cell she could see that he was fast asleep. She took the key that was hanging on the hook and put it in the lock and slowly turned it.


   The cell door opened without a sound. Juliet snuck inside. She knelt beside Romeo’s sleeping body and kissed him softly on the lips. He slowly opened his eyes.


    ‘What are you doing here?’ Romeo asked her in a whisper.

    ‘I’m saving you. That’s what’ she replied, also in a whisper. ‘Now come on’ she whispered as she walked out.


   Romeo followed Juliet out of the cell and up the stairs. They stopped and looked around. The coast was clear. There was no one around. They headed outside and they both started running as fast as they could to the nearest church. Once inside they asked a priest to marry them and after a few moments hesitation he agreed and said yes. After a while they were married. They got to the front door of the castle when the door suddenly swung open.


    ‘What in the world are you doing out of your cell?’ asked King Victor as he walked up to Juliet and Romeo.

    ‘We just got married’ Juliet announced to her father.

    ‘What? I’m outraged by this’ her father bellowed.


   King Victor started yelling at them. Romeo and Juliet took a step from him as they were frightened. King Victor stopped yelling and Juliet explained to him why she did what she did. It took awhile but her father finally agreed to their marriage.


    ‘Lets go inside’ Juliet said.


   Her father walked in and Juliet and Romeo followed him. They followed him to her new room which was right next to her fathers’ room.


    ‘His up to something’ Romeo whispered to Juliet.

    ‘Or maybe his just being nice’ whispered Juliet back.


   Juliet and Romeo didn’t believe that he was just being nice. He was certainly up to something but they didn’t know what. They stared around the room in which they had just entered. It was just a little bit bigger then Juliet’s old room.

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