The Demon Side

Maie DeNill thought life was going to simple, and easy.
But life as a Witch is never, simple, or easy.
And unbeknownst to Maie she has the mother of all demons inhabiting her mind and influencing her dreams.
A single lie will set her path in stone, but will the boy who had bargained immortality for her life come to the rescue?
When Maie thinks she has no other option, she will look inside herself, and release the evil within. But the consequences will be dire.


2. Meeting Matthew

She didn't know why, but walking towards school, counting her steps on the continuously cracked pavement as she went ( A nervous habit that had, unfortunately stuck with her) She was drawn towards a little alleyway, a single light in the centre bright enough to light the entire passage. It was one of those feelings she couldn't ignore, even looking at her wrist watch knowing she was going to be late she couldn't shake the feeling that she needed to be there.
Coming towards the old, abandoned church she froze. Light poured in through the mosaic windows, images of God and Mary lined them, always covered with holy light. She touched the brass doorknob lightly, her heart racing for unknown reasons. She had been to church before, as a child. The most she remembered was a lot of talk about things she was too young to understand. The door opened slowly, and she breathed again, only just realising she had been holding her breath. Wooden pews on either side showed signs of disuse, and the Dias at the front was also reasonably unworn, but a single round white candle sat on it, seemingly just lit. Her eyes scanned the room, barely able to see the hunched shoulders in the front pew, dark hair blending with his jacket. Steps light and slow she stepped towards him, cautious of any movements he would make. Even though her senses screamed at her to turn tail and run, still that string pulled her towards him until she came to stop in front of him his hands covering his eyes so he did not see her. Kneeling down on the blood red carpet she lightly pried his hands from his eyes a glorious blue colour that astounded her. He stared at her for the longest moment, mouth agape until his fingers jerked reaching for her, brushing against her cheek in the lightest caress she had felt.

'Why are you here?' He whispered unblinking, eyes glued to her face, as if he had seen a ghost.

'I think the first response is usually ‘what is your name?’ And to that question my answer is Maie, and for your question, well, I don't know really. But I'm here'

He smiled, a small silver piercing on his lip. 'I’m sorry, I'm Matthew. It's just been a very long week.'

She nodded understanding completely, after all she had been in the hospital not two days ago having been found unconscious on the street, but none of her doctors knew why, none of the tests told them anything. They were 'inconclusive'.

'I understand that completely' She stated, sighing moving to sit beside him, glancing at her watch and knowing she was as of now extremely late.

'You have somewhere to be?' His eyebrows raised, his mouth forming a sneer and she felt the blush rise to her cheeks.

'Yes actually. School. Don't you go?' She moved to get up and he followed her, picking up the dull brown bag she had missed before.

'Sure.' Matthew smiled 'I do now'

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