Definition: entertain someone by offering them drinks or a meal.


4. Chapter 3

Zayn's POV

I got back to my office and Perrie was texting. I grabbed her phone and threw it.

"Did you really cheat on me?!?" I yelled.

"Of course not. you think I'm stupid." she said.

"I'm done with you Perrie. We're done! Give me the ring!" I yelled.

"What?!? Zayn I didn't cheat on you! I would never do that!" She yelled.

"Perrie! Give. Me. The. Fucking. Ring."

She gave me the ring and she grabbed her things.

"You just made a big mistake, Malik." she said.

I rolled my eyes and leaned against my desk. I let out a frustrated sigh. I can't believe she did this to me. Molly. I wonder what happened to her? Maybe I should go visit?

I grabbed my car keys and headed to the elevator. The doors open and I step in. I looked down on my phone and it was almost 2 o'clock. The doors open and I walk towards my car.

A couple minutes later, I pulled up at her apartment and got out my car. I ran up to her door and I knocked. I heard her sobs through the door.

"Molly. Open the door." I said.

"Zayn, what are you doing here?" Molly asked.

"I'm came to check on you. Molly please open the door."

I heard her footsteps an she opened the door. She look terrible. Her make up was messed up her eyes were bloodshot. I can smell the alcohol in her.

"Molly, are you drunk?"

"No. I'm perfectly fine. Just having a drink. It helps me think better." She said.

I walked in and the whole apartment was trashed. I saw some blood on the floor and I looked at Molly. Her wrist were bleeding. I grabbed her arms and she winced.

"Molly. Why did you do this?" I asked.

"I always cut to make the pain go away. I did it in high school, too. When you always use to beat on me. I go home and put a razor on my skin. It felt good too. I helped me out. It was my only friend. " She said.

I picked her up and placed her on the counter. I dug through the cabinets and looked for a first aid kit. I finally found one and started to heal up Molly's cuts.

"Zayn. Why do you care about me?"

"I always cared. I just never showed it." I said.

She chuckled. "Why do you care now?"

I can't tell her I love her yet. It's too early. I have to gain her trust first. I looked at her and she was looking at her wrist. I wrapped them up in bandages and kissed her wrist. It kinda made my lips tingle.

"Thanks Zayn. I guess." She said.

I carried her upstairs and put her in her bed. I tucked her in and was about to leave, but she stopped me.

"Stay. Please. "

I took off my shoes and laid beside her. She wrapped her arms around my chest and snuggled her head into my neck.

"Good night, Zayn."

"Night, Molly."

Molly's POV

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. I groaned and got up. There was water and pills in my night stand. There was a letter next to it.

Dear Molly,

I know you'll wake up with a hangover. So I put a glass if water and pills there. I had to go to work. But I'll see you later. Hope you feel better.


Zayn Malik

I don't remember when Zayn came here. I tought it was kinda creepy. I shrugged it off and took the pills. I got upmand went to bathroom and took a nive long shower. I'm trying to remember what happened last night. I looked down to my wrist and gasped. I cut myself with the razor last night. Zayn must've bandage them up. I smiled. Is Zayn actually nice?

Liam's POV

I got back to Molly's apartment. I took a breathe and walked threw the doors. I heard the shower running and I went to the bedroom. I got all my things and packed them. I sighed. I cant believe he's making me do this. I love Molly so much. But he's paying me to do this and he threatened me. I left Molly a note and walked out the door.

I hope you're happy Zayn.


Next chapter might be up friday or saturday

but hope you enjoyed it!!




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