Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


4. Who is this Chick

When she shot the SUV's tires behind me I was about to pull over, but the comment she made after she shot them, changed my mind. She has had a past, but what is it, and why did I feel the need to pick her up. Whatever it was, I was going to help her. She needs it, but when she fell asleep and started to scream, whatever reason she is, the way she is, has something to do with that SUV. I am not going to let her get hurt, she looks like she might be 14, a child. She knows how to weld a gun, thats for sure, I haven't seen that kind of action. Since my mother killed that demon that was after me and my sister, but it possessed her, I had to protect us. I shuddered, as the tears slid down my face silently. I turned the music up louder, and screamed with it. Let out the pain, for she doesn't need to see, that emotionally I am no better than her. She needs me, and whatever happened to my sister I think this girl might be the answer.

"Hey, what is your name?" I asked her suddenly, compelled to do so.

"Kristen," I suddenly stepped on the breaks. 

"Excuse me," I looked at her. "Say again"

"Kristen, what got a hearing problem? I want to get some sleep, I haven't had any for a long time" I started to drive agian. I don't understand, SUV, her machoness, her readiness for a gun, steady hand, back mouth, her lack of sleep, what is going on her?

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