Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


10. What am I?

After Sam caught me when I banished Azazel, I was very tired, so I don't remember going to bed but I guess Sam carried me, but I wasn't for sure. I woke up because I heard yelling and arguing, but it sounded like Sam and Diamondis. 

"I sense it in you, at first I thought because of Crowley, than when you got protective over your sister, I sensed it again... You are like me," that was when I heard skin against skin.

"I am not a demon! That is impossible," she stopped that was when Sam's voice got softer.

"Then why do you think he came back? He thought your sister was you, and with how you to are both part of something, she is part Archangel, you are too but the demon blood that Azazel bleed in your mouth has destroyed the angel," that was when they got quiet... until she spoke.

"10 years ago..." with that he quite didn't get.

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"10 years ago Kris fought him, but that wasn't what it started out as. I woke up to something in my mouth, when I looked up, there was a man above me. That was when I screamed my mom rushed in, along with Kris. I ran to them and he tried to grab me, but that was when Mum shot him, killed the host, but that wasn't enough for him. When she turned around, he possessed her, in the process Mum dropped the gun, and I did what was self-defence. I shot her, but I didn't kill her, I wasn't shooting to kill, that is when Kris did her thing," I heard something after that, that I thought I would never hear... a silent sob. 

That is when I got up, and I walked to where they were at. I cleared my throat, she looked at me, and I gasped. My wings sprouted (I noticed that they disappear when danger is no longer a threat) her eyes was black. 

I looked at her and at Sam "She is right, and so are you..." I looked outside to the stars. "Sis you may have demon blood that makes you half demon more than angel, but remember most demons... were angels." I shuddered. "I, now remember that night... vividly," I went to go wake Dean. We can't stay here anymore.

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