Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


16. Unleashed The Beasts (Sam's POV)

I watched Kris walk out of the panic room, slamming the door and then locking it. I look at Dean and then at Diamondis. I begin pacing and muttering to myself, upset at Dean for some reason. I stop pacing and shake my head. I slide down the wall, keeping my distance from Dean and Diamodis.

I hear Dean say that Kris has no reason to be pissed at us. I shake my head again, my brown hair sticking to my forehead from sweating. I stand up, facing Dean.

"What the hell is happening to all of us, Dean? Huh? One moment were happy and eager to get here and now, my girl locks us in the panic room.".

"Sam, calm down. I'm sure Dean has an idea of how to get us out.".

"Diamondis, just...". I don't even finish because a plan forms in my mind. I grab Dean's right forearm and drag him over to my side of the panic room. 

"What, Sam?".

"Piss me off.".


"Piss me off and then step out of my way.".


"Just do it.".

Dean does something un-Dean like; he sucker punches me. I grunt, staggering back. 

"That's not good enough, Dean.".

"Oh for Kris' sake. Let me do it.".

Next thing I know, I'm lying flat on my back, Diamondis standing near Dean. Her knuckles are slightly bruised. I can feel adrenaline pounding through my veins, my mind clearer than before. I stand back up, walking to the door.

"Um, you do know that it's locked from the outside right?".

"Yes, Dean. I know. Stand back.".

I grip the handle on the inside with one hand and the frame with the other. I try pulling the door off it's hinges, but it doesn't work.


I begin pacing, trying to figure out what to do. I look down at my hands and see black marks on them. Whatever that door is made out of, it hates me. I slide down the wall again, feeling defeated. I hear Dean and Diamondis, but I don't hear what they're saying.

"Why are you sitting down on the job, Winchester?".

I look up to find Raphael staring at me. 

"What do you want, Raphael?".

"You and your friends need my help again.".

"What can you do?".

Raphael drops somethign in front of me. It's wrapped in black paper and smells weird. My fear over takes me, for I realize what this is.

"I will not use it.".

"Suit yourself.".

Raphael and his "gift" vanish, leaving me with questions swimming around in my mind. I stand back up, thinking.

"Bite me, Sam.".

I turn my head towards Diamondis, concerned why she said that. She shakes her head, grabbing the knife that Dean keeps in his boot as she walks towards me. She runs the tip of the blade lightly over her left palm, blackish red blood dripping off of the blade. 

I can feel the addiction taking over, but I fight it, remembering that I promised Kris before we came here to Bobby's.

"I can't, Diamondis. I promised Kris.".

She nods and hands the knife back to Dean, who flings it into a corner. Diamondis shakes her head as Dean wraps  her hand up in a bandana that he keeps. Diamondis stalks over to the corner where the knife is, picking it up with her bandana bandaged hand. I watch her turn it over in her hand, the dim light glinting off of it.

She licks the blood off of it, then throws it at me, lodging it in the wall just above my head. I scoot to my right, watching Diamondis try the same thing I did to the door.

"I never promised anything, Sammy Boy.". With that she rips the door off of it's hinges, setting it to the side. She looks back at me, a smirk on her face. 

"Kris locked us in here knowing that we're not demons, but PART  demon. You should owe her no promises.".

Diamondis steps forward, walking away from Dean and myself. Dean turns to me, a mixture of pissed off, admiralty towards Diamondis, happiness to be leaving this room and possible hatred towards me and Kris.

"Diamondis is right. Your girl locked us in here, on an assumption you and her sister are both full fledged demons and myself, one of you cohorts. You shouldn't be loyal to her now, so Sam, where do your loyalties lie?".

Dean stalks off after Diamondis, leaving me to run and catch up with them. I walk by a pile of junk and hear someone whimpering like a dog. I crouch down letting Dean and Diamondis head on towards Bobby's house/cabin.

"Hello, Kris.".

"Are you pissed off at me?".


"Samuel Winchester, are you or are you not pissed at me for locking you in the panic room.".

"I am slightly pissed, but not as pissed off as Dean and Diamondis.".

"Kris, please come out of there.".

"No, you, Dean and Diamondis are mad at me.".

"I said that I was slightly pissed off, Dean and Diamondis are beyond..".

I didn't need to finish what I was saying because Kris crawls out of the junk pile, careful so she doesn't knock it over. I watch as a tear falls down her left cheek, making her wince as it hits a tiny scratch.

I embrace her in a hug, letting her cry in my arms. I know where my loyalties lie, Dean, they lie with Kris. I will still help you but your going to catch hell from me if you dis Kris again, I think as I watch him, Diamondis and Bobby walking towards us.

"Where do your loyalties lie, Sam?".

"Dean, right now they lie with Kris. We're both sorry, but if you can't accept that then we're both out of here, or atleast we're going to head back to that motel we stayed at. Remember keep your friends close, your enemies closer.".

"So, are you Dean's enemy, Sam?", Diamondis asks, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"As I am yours, Sis.".

I watch as Diamondis's face drops, Dean's too. Dean puts his left arm around Diamondis' shoulder, comforting her. I watch Kris, small and agile Kris. I don't understand how she can be a daughter of Gabriel. I shake my head, my eyes not leaving Kris. 

She grabs my left hand and we begin walking towards the house/cabin, not wanting to cause anymore trouble. Over our shoulders we shout, "You have unleashed the beasts.".

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