Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


24. The Pranks come to an End

Well here I am in the Charger shaking back and forth rocking. I hate snakes I hate snakes, kept going through my head. I had all the doors locked, and I crouching in the floorboards when I saw Kris, Dean, and Sam coming this way. Last night someone had put snakes in my underwear drawer, and now it is the same time as last night when I found them... Midnight. Sam looks as if he is carrying something square, Kris has what looks like paper boxes in her arms and Dean... He has a lighter. Oh God! They are going to burn me out of the Charger. Still hiding, and I am thanking that the windows are so darkly tinted, Sam puts what he was carrying on the hood of the Charger, Kris put her stuff in the trunk and then Dean flicked his lighter and there was the numbers 2 2 and they was candles. They started to sing... terribly I might add, but they was singing Happy Birthday to Kris and I. I unlocked the doors and stepped out, Kris came running around the Charger and wrapped her arms around me so tightly I couldn't breath. 

"Happy Birthday Diamondis," she exclaimed.

"Happy Birthday to you too Kris. I can't breath" I rasped. She quickly lets me go and starts to cut the cake, then our presents are passed out. I got a new Mp4, new laptop, new cd by Skillet, and a new knife. Then I go inside, lay down, and wait for sleep to take me. I want to be gone by morning.

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