Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


5. The Mystery Unveiled

We stop for a few minutes. I'm breathing slightly normal, slightly heavy, like I just worked out for a bit. I lean my head back and pinch the bridge of my nose.  I hear the girl ask, "Hey, what's your name?". I don't know her well, but I do owe her for helping me. I say, "Kristen.". The girl looks at me funny and then asks, "Excuse me? Say again?" and then we start driving again.

Slightly irritated I say, "Kristen. Do you have a hearing problem or something?". I realize what I said, and that it sounded rude so I say, "I'm sorry if I was rude a few minutes ago. I'm just feeling cagey, having to watch over my shoulder and everything. So can me start over?". The girl nods and then says, "My name is Diamondis, I've been looking for my sister.". 

I say, "I'm Kristen, I'm also looking for my sister. I just escaped from a living hell. I believe that the vehicle that was chasing us where the same people that kidnapped me three weeks ago.".  Diamondis asks, "How old are you?". "I'm 21, but I look 18 don't I?". Diamondis nods her head.

"Where are we going?" I ask. Diamondis says, "To my house.". We arrive at her house about thirty minutes later. Diamondis parks the car and we both get out. Everything seems familiar about this place.  Diamondis and I walk into the living room. I see pictures of her and her sister, both of them are smiling, laughing. I shake my head, clearing out any thoughts of a life like this.

Diamondis comes and stands next to me. "You and your sister look very happy.". She says, "Yeah, but nobody believes me that she might still be alive.". "I believe you, Diamondis.". She hands me some towels and says, "Thought you might want to take a shower and there's some clothes that might fit you in my sister's room.".

For some reason I konw exactly where the bathroom is. I strip off my clothes and get in. I let the warm water wash the day's worries away, I keep thinking that Diamondis and I were to meet for a reason. I finish my shower and wrap a towel around me. I walk to the room Diamondis said was her sister's even though she didn't describe it. Everything looks like that of what a country girl would have, I easily locate some clothes and put them on and surprisingly they do fit.

I walk out of the bedroom and back to the living room. I look at some of the pictures more closely. Her sister looks exactly like me. I hear Diamondis say, "I've got some food in the refrigerator if you want something.".

I walk into the kitchen and have a flashback: I'm standing in this kitchen. There's my mother and my sister and a...a....a...DEMON! I walk backwards and feel my back touch the wall. My sister is begging our mother to run. The demon is staring us down. Then it strikes killing my mother. I feel my palms get hot, I look at them.  My sister and I are both eleven. I feel anger flowing through me making my hands get hotter and hotter.I shout out the demon, "GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER!". The demon looks at me and hisses, "I  will return.". "You can try demon, you can try." I say as I use one of my hands to somehow banish it.

I stagger backwards. Diamondis asks, "What's wrong?". "You're going to think I'm craz if I told you.". "Believe me, Kristen, after what I saw you do today I will believe anything.".  I go back to the living room and re-examine the pictures, until I find one of Diamondis, her mother, and sister when she  was eight. "Tell me about your mom.".

Diamondis, stunned says, "My mom died ten years when she was attacked. My sister and I were scared, then something strange happened with my sister. Her hands looked like they were glowing, the attacker threatened us, and then when my sister touched him, he disappeared.". She justed described what I saw in that kitchen.

"My mother died ten years ago too, but her attacker wasn't human, it was a demon.". Diamondis steps back and says, "Demons aren't real.". I haven't made my hands glow since that incident, so I concentrate, willing them to become hot. I feel that anger flow through me once again, making my hands hot and glowing orange.

Diamondis looks at me in surprise and then says, "My sister could do that....wait.".  She looks at a picture of her and her sister a 16. She takes a deep breath and says, "Go ahead with your thing you were going to say.". I look at her, take a deep breath, and say, "Diamondis, I think we're twins, more than twins, sisters. You're my sister."

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