Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


18. The Hunt (Sam's POV)

As soon as I heard Dean slam and lock the door to his and Diamondis's room, I knew he'd end up yelling at me the first chance he got. I watch Kris, checking the room to make sure it's safe. Once Kris was done she collasped on the bed, exhausted from what has happened today. 


She jumps up, the combat knife I gave her last year in her right hand, ready to strike at anyone. I watch her, fear showing in her eyes. I walk over to her trying to speak as calmly as I can. She looks at me, then she drops the knife, kicking it away by the handle with her bare foot. 

"Yes, Sam.". 


She sighs and sits back on the bed, slipping her iPhone out of her back pocket. I watch her eyes reading something. I walk over to the other side and sit down beside her. She has the Kindle app pulled up and is reading some weird book. She turns towards me, my least favorite look; the 'Why-are-you-staring-at-me look'.

"What are you reading?".

"Storm Warning, it's book nine in the 39 clues series.".

She looks at me again and then sighs, leaning into my right shoulder, letting me see the screen. After two hours Kris is asleep, lightly snoring. I watch over her, drifting off to sleep myself.

*The Next Morning*

I woke up to Kris running around our room, back and forth to the window. I sit up, watching her again. She's packing her bookbag back up, grabbing extra stuff as she's running.

"What the hell, Kris? Is everything okay?".

She drops the knife from last night, the one she kicked away. I run over to her, picking the knife up just as her hand reaches for it. She looks at me with excitement, a smile on her face. She shakes her head, holding her right hand out for the knife, her other one barely holding the book bag.

"Give it here, Sam. I'm in a hurry.".

"Why are you in a hurry, Kris?".

"Remember that case out in GrandView?".

"Which one?".

"All the blood drained from the bodies.".

"What does that have to do with your craziness right now?".

Oh, shit, wrong choice of words there. Kris hates it when Dean or I call her crazy. She looks at me, a little bit of rage beginning to show in her eyes. Yep, I am going to die if I can't fix this right here, right now.

"What I...uh...meant was...uh...why are you excited over a cold case?". 

"They've found another body, same MO. All the blood drained, except it's different though.".

"How's it different?".

Kris's face goes from light tan to beyond pale white. This is never good, when this happens.

"The bod-, they were, the hear-.". I knew what she meant (it's too gruesome to speak of). I nod my head and I head back over to the bed and pull my boots on. After I stand up, I grab the tan shoulder holster and then I slide a dusty chrome case from under the bed. I open the case and stare at the .45 that I haven't used before.

"Sam, no.".

"I'm coming with you, no arguements.".

She sighs and helps me place the holster on my shoulders, the new .45 colt feeling like it weighs a ton. Kris does the same, except the holster she has is black and the .45 colt is a tarnished silver. I help her with the bag, pondering whether or not to leave a note for Dean. I decide against it, because with the current situation I believe he may seriously....well people get the idea.

Kris tugs on my old leather jacket, placing a switchblade in one of the pockets. I pull my jacket on, grabbing the Charger keys. I sling her bookbag over my right shoulder, letting Kris open the door and searching, making sure Dean and Diamondis aren't around. She let's out a low bird type whistle, a signal I tought her, meaning that it's clear.

Once out of the house we shut our phones off, tossing them in the bookbag, then we hop in the car and drive to GrandView. 

*Later in GrandView*

I parked the Charger outside of a small diner, Kris hell bent on studying a file. She keeps muttering that our contact is late, making me worry about her. A few more moments later, a guy in dark green Abercrombie hoodie, jeans and worn combat boots shows up, knocking on the passenger window.

Kris jumps, scaring the guy just a bit. The guy begins laughing, Kris just staring at him. I step out of the car and the guy goes completely silent, as if he didn't expect me. Kris gets out of the car, slamming the door behind her.

"What the hell, Jody!".

"What do you mean by 'what'?".

"Joseph Daniel McArthur, this is not a game.".

I stifle a laugh, this guy has no idea that once you make Kris mad, there is no going back unless you do something for her. Jody backs away, possibly out of fear. I walk over and stand beside Kris, that's when I smell something, familiar.

"He's like me.".

Jody makes an 'Oh really?' face, as if he wants to insult me. In one swift motion Jody is lying on his back, Kris's right arm stretched out and her right hand in a fist. She walks over to him and then hoists him in the air as if to throw him.

"Never dis my Sam again, or next time it won't be me you see as your lying flat on your back. We've got a couple of more crazies like us a few miles away at a friends house, I'm sure one of them will have a field day if they knew who was insulting their brother," she growls and I mean literally growls, like a dog.

She drops Jody, who lands on his back again. Jody keeps saying okay, over and over, because I'm guessing he's in a world of trouble with someone higher up on his side. Jody points a thumb near  the diner and asks if he could buy us something to eat and if we want to meet the police chief who's inside. Kris immediately nods, eagerness showing in her eyes. 

The three of us sit in a booth, just as a waitress hands us menus. We each order just a drink, Pepsi for Kris and myself and Dr. Pepper for Jody. The waitress asks if that all for now and Kris tells her yes. Jody fills us in on what's happening and I really think I should've told Dean or Diamondis. He keeps saying something about it happens every so often and we really need to stop whatever, whoever this is.

"How do I know that you're not lying to us," I ask sensing Kris's hands are going to begin glowing any moment. Jody begins begging us with his eyes, silently saying that he's not lying. Kris keeps nodding, casually looking out the window. All of a sudden she asks, "What's the best place to lure girls from?".

"How do you know it was a girl  this time, Kris?".

"Easy, Sam.".


"Jody, care to explain?".

"It was a girl this time, Sam. I saw the body in the morgue.".

I nod, urging Jody to continue, but he shakes his head and says that that's about it.

"What's the best place to lure a girl or a guy from? Am I the only one who's thinking of this?".

"Fine, Kris. What's the best place to lure a girl or a guy from," Jody asks, uneasiness on his face. I smirk at him, but my expression falls, I know what Kris is going to do.

"A bonfire. That's the best place, because whatever's hunting these people, obviously do it at night. Possibly when a guy or a girl is drunk or high. When their vulnerable. When they least expect it.".


"Sam, did you just stammer?".

"Yeah, whens the next bonfire?".

"Tonight, the old oak grove.".

Kris and I nod, Jody paying for the Pepsi and Dr. Pepper with a MasterCard. As Kris and I walk out the door I catch one of the girls smiling at me, she smiles, showing fangs. I shake my head, knowing we're going to need more than a sword and salt. Kris then turns around, temporarily forgetting the police chief.

Jody and I follow her back in, where she's talking to the chief, nodding her head and hanging on to every word.

"Thank you, Sir. My partners and I appreciate it. We'll find out who's killing these people.".

"No, thank you, Agent McBrooke. I hope our little police force can be of assistance to the FBI.".

I smirk at her, she knows that ruse all to well. She motions for us to follow her back outside. Jody opens the door for her, letting me follow.

"So, it's the boyfriend/girl friend Agents Seth Carter and Kyalie McBrooke routine when talking to the cops?".

"Yes, Sam.".

"So who are you when you get abducted by whoever the hell is doing this?".

"Kyalie McBrooke.".

"I'm still against this, Kris.".

"Think about it, Seth. We'll be able to show up, Damon and Diamond.".

I smile, knowing who she ment. 

*Later at the Bonfire*

Kris and I are at the bonfire, scoping out the area, watching the teenagers that are risks of being taken. Kris's  eyes light up when she hears the music coming from one of the trucks. I can hear it as well; it's her favorite song, 'Dirt On A Road' by Old Dominion. She grabs my hand and begins dancing.

Almost everybody at the bonfire is staring at us, but Kris just keeps moving. I watch for anything that would suggest whatever has taken those teens for here, are actually here. 

About two hours later I can't find Kris. I walk over to the guy that had the music playing and he jumps after he turns around and sees me.

"Hey, Dude.".

"Hey and you are...".

"Seth, Seth Carter. I'm looking for my girl.".

"She's probably gone with Jack, Bro. She ain't your girl anymore, if she's with him.".

I slam him against the tailgate of his truck, my eyes threatening to become completely black.

"Tell me where the fuck he is, or I swear I will literally rip you limb from limb, right here, right now.".

"He never tells us where he's going.".

"Who's 'Us'?".

The guy makes a squeaking noise as I drop him to the ground. I turn around to find six other guys standing behind me. Each has a different weapon in his hand. I take up a fighting stance as the guy I just threatened runs away, cowering with fear.

"The Boss doesn't like people roughing up his clients.".

"Where the hell is my girl," I growl, as I'm cracking my knuckles, readying myself for a fight.

"If she's with da Boss, she's possibly dead," one of the says, brandishing a knife.

I let rage take over, tackling one of them to the ground.  Two others rush me and pin me to the ground.

"Enough, we can kill him later," A female voice says. 

I look up or I at least try to. It's the girl from the diner, the one that smiled at me and showed me fangs. I was right, or part of the way. I manage to kick one of the guys pinning me in the head. 

I hear the girl shriek, "He's a demon!". I catch a quick glimpse of myself in the sideview mirror. Yep, my eyes are black now. I watch as the rest of the group begin hissing at me, showing fangs. That's when I hear another scream. This time it's different though. Shit it's Kris. I growl at them as I run past them, my ears following the scream.

I slip into the brush near an old oak tree. I can see Kris, tied up to a tree and about five other guys surrounding her. They have pissed off the wrong guy. I can hear Kris whimpering, another fact that proves Diamondis right, wait why the hell am I thinking of them?

I rush from the brush, right behind Kris's tree. I climb it, so I can get a better view and I can hear what's going on. I can hear many things and the all sicken me. As one of the Five come closer to Kris,  I jump down from the tree, placing myself in between them.

"If you lay a fucking hand on my girl, I will rip you limb from limb.".

"What can you do? You can't harm us, WE'RE VAMPIRES!".

Instinct takes over and my eyes become black again, causing some of the group to back away. 

I free Kris, knowing I'm going to need her in this fight. She smiles at me and then her wings come out, causing one of the guys to trip over his own feet.

"Oh, ha ha. An angel and a demon fighting together, how cute," The one that many people just called Jack, says.

I hiss at him, watching them to see who tries to strike first. 'Jack' sniffs the air.

"Get the hell away from the boy and go after the girl. My earlier estimation is wrong, she's an archangel.".

Kris hisses and growls at them, her hands glowing an insane purple. Many of our attackers retreat, except Jack and one other. The fight last for about thirty minutes and as Kris and I land our last punches and kicks, she makes her wings go away and my eyes are normal. Many of the people that were at the bonfire are surrounding us now, Kris not faking her left arm and the scratches she received are hurting her, causing a lot of them to call 911.

I pick Kris up bridal style and carry her back to the main area with the vehicles. Some EMTs try to take her from me, but I tell them that she's okay and that our families probably wanted us home. I also told them that she and I are FBI agents that just finished wrapping up some type of bust.

After that Kris and I drive back to the diner, to meet witht Jody and the police chief. We speak with them and the police chief tells us thanks again. I nod and tell him that if he needs help again to just call us.

Kris is silent on the way back to Bobby's possibly scolding herself for screwing up her own plan. Once we reach Bobby's I park the Charger, slipping my phone from her book bag, turning it on. Fifteen missed calls and voice mails and twenty texts, all from Dean. I look at Kris, she nods and mouths '20 missed call/voice mail and 20 texts'. Neither of us bother reading them, knowing that they've probably yelled at us through them.

As soon as Kris and I step through the door we hear, "Where the hell have you two been!". Kris shakes her head and heads for our room, I follow her ignoring Diamondis' screaming at us. Once I'm in our room, I shut the door. Kris slings her book bag into the corner, flopping on the bed and covering her face. I sit next to her, listening to her breathing.

I think we can chalk this one up to a somewhat of a success. I kick my boots off once more, laying back trying to sleep before Dean gets back from wherever he is. Kris gets up and changes into some pajamas and placing her boots next to mine. She lays back down and places her head on my chest, drifting off to sleep. 

I too fall asleep with one thing on my mind; How pissed is Dean going to be when he finds out I went on a hunt without him. 

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