Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


22. The Annual Prank War

I woke up on the floor, wondering how the heck I got there. I hear struggling outside mine and Sam's window, which scares me. I stand up, brushing some dust off and then grabbing the Winchester rifle that is supposed to be in Bobby's gun cabinet from under the bed. I burst out laughing, nearly dropping the gun. Why am I laughing you ask? It's because, I'm going to use a gun that's, oh never mind. I tip toe outside and see Dean and Sam wrestling.

"DAMN IT, DEAN," I shout, mocking the way he usually cusses Cas out. Both my boyfriend and his brother jump. Dean looks at me, mouths 'We will finish this later', to Sam and then stalks off to find my sister. Sam grabs the rifle from my hands and then grabs my right wrist. He lets go of my wrist and just picks me up bridal style, the rifle slung over his left shoulder.

I'm about to ask him why he's carrying me, but all he says is, "War." Son of a bi--, IT'S THE ANNUAL PRANK WAR.

"Run, Sam." I say in his ear. Then he starts to run, with me in my arms, I was sort of afraid that he would fall or drop me. "Let me run on my own, Dean's not after me, he is after me. Put me down and run for the hills," and that is what he did. He hardly ever argues with me, even before me vanishing. Dean on the other hand, had other ideas, he grabs me by the waist, and I would have fought him but he took me by surprise. Then my sister, God I love my sister.

"Hey Dean," he turns around, and she hits him in the face with a saltwater filled waterballoon. He drops me and starts to rub his eyes, then we too run for the hills after Sam.

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