Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


23. The Annual Prank War part 2

Diamondis and I kept running after Sam, myself more than she, because Dean will go after me next. I begin running faster, my feet pounding the ground, when someone grabs me by my waist pulling me into some brush. I begin struggling, trying to break free, until I hear Sam's voice.

"Easy, Kris, we're in this together, right?".

"Yeah, Sam.".

Sam and I begin crawling back to the cabin, following the sounds of Dean saying 'Son of a b---h'

Once we get back into our room, we began plotting our pranks against our siblings. Sam keeps saying that we need to do something pie related for Dean and I kept arguing against it. Sam finally convinces me to do something pie related for Dean's 'surprise'. Once midnight roles around I sneak into the kitchen with some holy water. I quickly make a chocolate pudding pie, slip some holy water in it and then I put holy water in a beer, placing both back into the fridge, labeling them 'Dean ONLY'. 

I scurry llike a mouse back to mine and Sam's room, hoping that being in the fridge won't ruin the prank. I lay next to Sam who's already alseep, resting my head on his chest. I soon fall fast asleep, drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

~Time Skip: 8 hours later~

"Son of a bi--," I hear Dean shout.

"Come on, Sammy," I say, lightly punching Sam in the arm. Sam and I walk side by side to the kitchen, where Dean's using the sprayer on the sink to try and get a nasty taste out of his mouth. I stare at Dean, the pie and beer still on the counter...

I sniff the air, then I begin laughing. Dean turns his head towards me, his green eyes, a stormy grey. Oh shit, not good.

"I didn't do it," I say, raising my hands up in defense, then elbowing Sam in the ribs, making him do them same.

"So neither of you put chile peppers in my Dr. Pepper bottle?".

Sam and I looked at each other, then shout, "DIAMONDIS.". My sister walks into the kitchen, a packet of crushed chile peppers in her right hand. Dean stare at her, a grin soon forming on his face.

"I'm going to get you, Sweetheart," Dean says, slyly.

Diamondis's eyes go wide, so she drops the packet, running out of the house, Dean hot on her heals.

"Where are you going, Kris," Sam asks.

"I'm going to go and shower," I reply, after he shuts the door to our room.

He nods, handing me a box as I begin walking out the door. Splat, temporay hair dye, Electric blue. I smile at Sam, because he knew the que for the next prank. I tip toe down the hall, the box of hair die in one hand and a pair of gloves in the other.

Once inside the bathroom I easily locate Diamondis' shampoo and conditioner. I take the tops off of both of them with the gloves on, then I fix the dye. It won't show up in her shamppo and conditioner because they are the Herbal Essence type that's blue. I shake them up after adding the dye, disposing of the evidence and then I head back to mine and Sam's room, passing Diamondis in the hall.

"Night, Sis.".


~The Next Morning~

"What the f--k," I hear Diamondis shout.

I shake Sam awake, mouthing 'Team SamKris 1, Team Deanmondis 0'. He groggily smiles at me, kissing my forehead. We get up, walking to the kitchen once more. There, confronting poor Dean is a blue haired, black eyed, Diamondis.

"You did this didn't you," she screeched.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Baby," he replies throwing his hands into the air.

"You put hair dye in my shampoo and conditioner, you bonehead.".

"Did not.".

The argument last for another thirty minutes. Sam just stands behind me, his chin resting on the top of my head.

"Something wrong, Sis," I ask, no emotion in my voice, for fear of giving myself away.

"Someone dyed my hair blue, well put blue dye in my shampoo.".

"It was me," I say, finally bursting out laughing. Diamondis stares at me, Dean too.

"It's on," Dean says, a sly smile on his face. I shrug my shoulders as well as Sam. I go outside to go practice, with my bow, till I hear Sam yell. I drop my bow, and run back inside. 

"Sam? Where are you Sam?" I called out, till he called me again, and it was weird it was coming from the bathroom. I slowly open the door a crack and see a sight that made me extremely angry. Sam trying to get off the toilet lid, but couldn't, and he just got out of the shower. "DEAN!!!!" I yelled out, I look at Sam, walk over and kiss him. "I will get this fixed Baby," he nods and then I go get my bow and I go hunting. By the time when me and Sam get back to our room, I go to put my knife up, I open my underwear drawer where I put it all the time, I start to hear hissing. I look down to see what was in my drawer, all my underwear was gone, but replaced with snakes!!!!! I screams so loud that everyone comes running and I run out of my room and outside in the charger and locks the doors. I sleep by myself that night in the charger.


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