Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


21. The Addiction

   After the movie, I could tell what was going to end up going down, that family is together that means, me and Dean will finish what I started the other night. After the movie though, I wasn't if I wanted to push it to that point in the relationship yet, I want to wait so we can get to a point where that don't matter as long as we are together. That means I need to stop drinking from him, I need to stop with the blood all together. I was asleep when Dean came in and laid down beside me, and pulled me closer to him. As he held me I knew everything was going to be ok, I will overcome the addiction of his blood, I will be ok, we will be ok. That morning I woke up, to Dean throwing stuff around.

"What are you looking for Dean?" I asked worried. Then he looked at me, I knew that it wasn't Dean, it was but wasn't, but it wasn't a demon either. "Michael..." he nods. "What are you looking for?" he looked at me as if I am an enemy.

"I know Raphael came with a gift, now where is it?" he asks me as if I knew.

"We didn't accept it, so he took it with him," then I could tell when he was back to being Dean....

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