Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


11. Surprises

I step back out of pure fear after I tell my sister that 'All demons...were once angels'.  She nods and her eyes become normal. I start walking to the room Dean and Sam share, then shout over my shoulder, "I'm going to get Dean, we can't stay here anymore.". Sam and Diamondis both nod and then begin talking to each other more calmly. I have half a mind to kick the door in to wake Dean up but then I'd catch hell from Diamondis, Sam and Dean.

I knock three times and no answer, so I open the door and shout, "Hey, Dean! Need to get up!". In the dim light I can see Dean stir, so I shut the door and walk to the kitchen. I set at the table and put my head in my hands, wondering what the hell is happening and other things. I hadn't even heard myself scream until Sam comes in, and asks concered, "What's wrong, Kris? Everything okay?". I look up at him and that's when I see tears on my hands. Have I been crying? I ask myself.

Sam leans against the counter and I know he's thinking of something to do, something to say that would make me feel better. I stand up and stare at him. I squint to look closer and see a tear fall down his face. He has never cried in front of me or Dean and I mean NEVER. "Sammy? You okay?" I ask weakly. Instead of waiting for an answer I walk over to him and wrap my arms around him. Sam does the same to me, not even caring that Dean and Diamondis are standing in the door way.

I hear Dean begin walking towards us and Diamondis warn, "Leave 'em be. We both know they've had tough lives.". Dean doesn't say anything, except, "Just got done talking to Bobby. He said that we could come and stay at his place." and "You guys okay?".Sam and I both look at Dean and nod. Diamondis asks, "Bobby? As in Bobby Singer!?! Are you crazy, Dean?".

Sam and I begin laughing, both being cheered up at Diamondis's reaction to Dean mentioning Bobby. Diamondis gives me an evil look (not demonish) then asks, "When are we leaving?". "Tomorrow afternoon, so I suggest that we pack what we can take and get some sleep." Dean says.

"Okay, Dean. Need help packing, Kris." Sam says. I translated it to 'I want to be alone with you to find out what's going on with you' and actually 'Do you need help packing, I'm serious'. "Sure, just don't touch anything you're not supposed to." I say. Sam gives me a mock 'hurt' look, so I roll my eyes at him. Once in my room I grab all my clothes and stuff them in a duffle bag, then I grab at least three pairs of combat boots (Yes I have combat boots despite my sister's comment about the pink) and I finally grab a box of talismans and ordinary necklaces. I put the boots and box in the duffle bag with the clothes.

Sam hands me my laptop case. I ask him, curiously, "Do I need this?". He nods. Both of walk out into the living room and set my stuff in the coat closet. After that I look at him and ask, "Don't you have anything that needs to be packed?". He says, "I do, but it's already done.".  Diamondis carries her duffle bag over and puts it in the closet with mine.

"Where ya sleeping, Sam?" Dean asks with, for some reason, a hint of frustration in his voice. I open my mouth to ask Dean what he's pissed about, but I end up shutting it. Sam doesn't answer Dean. Nobody speaks for a while until I say, "I'm going to go crash for the night.". Sam looks from Dean to Diamondis back to Dean and then says, "I'm going to sleep in Kris's floor.".

Once in my room Sam and I set on the bed. "What are you thinking about, Kris?" he asks. I look into those brown eyes of his and I think to myself, you're really good to me Sam. I think about everything that's happened then say, "You, Sam. I'm thinking about you right now." He cracks a smile then says, restating what he told Dean, "Well, I'm sleeping in the  floor.". I look at him again and say, "Samuel Winchester, you are my guest. So no sleeping on the cold floor.".  He kicks off his boots and then we both lay down and fall asleep.

*Next Morning*

I wake up to Sam snoring. I take a deep breath and then get up, trying not to wake him.  I walk into the kitchen and grab a can of pop from the fridge. I hear Dean and Diamondis come in but no Sam. "Hey, I'm going to go check on Sam." I tell them. As I near my room I sense demons, so I run and to find...Oh God...not again...a demon is standing over Sam. I shout loud enough and hoping that Dean and Diamondis hear me, "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM, DEMON. OR BY THE POWER OF..."... I think of the most powerful archangels..."BY THE POWER OF GABRIEL AND MICHAEL I WILL KILL YOU!!!". The Demons jumps, turns around and then hisses, "Very powerful word coming from a weakling.".

Diamondis bursts into the room, eyes glowing black, and hisses back, "Leave us.". The Demon laughs and says, "Another weakling. Hmmph!". I notice Sam's right hand twitching, think to myself 'What the hell?', but end up looking more closely. Inside my head I scream, "He's signaling me!". I'm about to challenge him when Sam jumps up and puts The Demon's host in a headlock.

Dean runs in and drops the gun he was going to use. Without hesitation I pick it up and aim it at The Demon. The Demon says, "You're really going to kill this innocent person I'm using for a host? You're a new kind of crazy.". Keeping the gun steady, I look down the small barrel. If I shoot I won't kill the host, but injure him. The Demon  frees himself from the headlock and kicks Sam's feet from under him.

They begin to wrestle on the floor. My eyes follow them for a few minutes and Sam gets the demon/his host back into a headlock. My hand is shaking slightly when I say, "I ain't got a clean shot, Sam. If I shoot I'll hurt you too.". I can see the seriousness in his eyes when he says, "I don't give a damn if I get hurt, just get the demon!". Taking a deep breath, I fire the gun, hitting both the host and Sam in the shoulder. The Demon screams something inaudible and then the host becomes limp. We find out that the host is Diamondis's neighbor's son and that her neighbors both know about demons and demon hunters, so she takes the guy back home.

I tend to Sam while Dean says, "I've got to make another phone call, you two going to be alright.". Sam and I nod, and once Dean leaves Sam says/whispers, "Shit, that hurt.". I laugh and then mutter, "Big baby.". He grins at me, then asks, "What was that, Kris? Was it 'Big baby' or...." I cut him off and say, "It could've been alot worse. Dean could've been the shooter.". Dean walks back in and asks, "What about me? And who called whom 'Big baby'?". 

"Nothing, Dean." Sam and I both say at the same time. Dean just grins then heads back out of my room. "That was close.".  I finish patching Sam up and then turn to walk out my door when Sam says, "The demon that possessed the neighbor's kid was...is Ruby.". I look at him and then ask, "She's your ex isn't she? Is that why she had her host try to kill you?". 

"Pretty much." he says. Sam and I walk to the kitchen to find Dean and Diamondis...ugh...arguing over her car. "We have to take it! If we don't the demons that attacked us will come back, use some type of magic, and track us to Bobby's!". "Look, Diamondis, Sam and I both drove here in seprate cars; me in my Impala and he in his charger; anyway wouldn't three cars attract attention?".

I whisper to Sam, "Wasn't the charger totaled? When ya know?". He looks at me and say, "Yes the charger was totaled when Castiel and his friend fell on it. It's the same year and model, mostly the same color but has a couple of white stripes on the hood.".My heart skips a beat then I look at Dean and Diamondis then loudly shout, "Oh, it was the charger Castiel totaled not the..." Dean cuts me off by saying, "Do not dis, my baby.".

"Then it's settled, Sam drives his charger, Diamondis gets to keep and drive her car, and you, Dean drive your precious Impala." I say, finishing their arguement before it turns into a fist fight. Dean sighs and says, "Fine." Diamondis walks over to me and says, "Thanks, Sis. Ya know how much I love that car.". I smile and tell her, "You're welcome and I'm riding to Bobby's with Sam.". Dean and Diamondis are shocked, but not surprised.

Once in Sam's car I ask him, (I noticed the small black veins were forming on his face in the kitchen signaling demon blood detox), "You haven't had any demon blood have you?". He shakes his head. "Damn it, Sam!" I mutter under my breath. I just stare out my window.  We keep silent until all three cars have pulled into a gas station. Can Sam only drink demon blood or can he have..? I shake my head at that thought and get out of the car with Sam right behind me.

"Kris, ya, okay?" Sam asks concerned. I look at him...Gah!...the black veins are worse. "W-w-w-we ha-ha-have to ge-ge-get y-y-you de-de-demon bl-bl-blood, Sam." I stammer. He shakes his head and says, "Don't need it." then passes out.  I catch him and set him in the passenger seat. Dean went inside to get some stuff and Diamondis is standing at the door texting Dean what to get. I grab Sam's phone from the little place under the radio and search for 'Dean'.

"Hey, Sam.".  I mentally shake my head and then nearly scream, "Something's wrong with Sam!". "Kristen? How did you? Are you using?".  I say, "I'm using Sam's phone. Get the hell out here, bring Diamondis too." then hang up. I get the stupidest idea; summon Raphael. Dean and Diamondis reach Sam and I in three seconds flat. I quickly ask Dean, "How do you make Raphael appear?". Dean looks at me and then I say, "Never mind.", That's when I get another stupid  idea. 

"No, Kristen. No, not a good idea." Diamondis says. My sister has never pissed me off until now.  "Unless you two have a better idea..." I'm cut off by someone saying, "Someone called for me?". I turn to see a man in EMT clothes but no ambulance. Dean asks, "What are you doing here, Raphael?".

"Someone from this group of yours called to me. Now who was it?". I take a few steps away from Sam and say, "It was me, I asked Dean how to summon you, Sir.  My friend Sam is suffering..from demon blood detox and I wanted to know how to keep it from getting worse, atleast until we get to our friends house.".  Raphael looks at me funny. "Who are you?".

"I'm Kristen Rivers and I am half archangel.". Raphael takes a few steps back, a shocked look on his face, then Diamondis says, "I am Diamondis, Kristen's twin sister, and I am half demon.". Raphael takes a few more steps back. Angrily I repeat my question, "How do you keep the demon blood detox from getting worse?".

"It can only be cured by that wretched blood." Raphael spats. I look at Sam's face, it's worse than before. I look at Dean and ask, "Any blood in his book bag or in the Impala?". Dean runs to the Impala and then back to us. "No there's nothing in the Impala." then runs to the drive side, pops the truck and begins looking through Sam's book bag. Dean slams the trunk and say, "Nothing in the book bag either.". 

Diamondis looks at Sam then from Sam to me, from me to Dean, from Dean to Raphael and back to Sam. She pulls her sleeve up and says, "I'm half demon. Take mine.".  Dean and I look at her and then ask in unison, "Are you sure?". Diamondis nods her head. I turn to Raphael and ask, "You would have any medical supplies on you by chance?". Raphael, out of thin air, produces a syringe and a tourniquet.

"So who's going to do this?" Raphael asks. I look at my sister with hope and say, "I will. I've done it enough out in the field, so I know I won't mess up.". Diamondis sits on the hood of the charger, right arm outstretched. I put some rubber gloves and then say, "Thanks, Sis.". It was over as quickly as it began. Now the other problem; how am I to give this to Sam. 

I break the needle off and say to Dean, "He's your brother, you should have the honors.". Dean shakes his head adn says, "You do it, your his girl.". People are crowding around us; most are cowering with fear. Raphael says, "Back it up people. Nothing to see, just off duty EMTs working.".

I'm about to give the demon blood to Sam when Dean hands me a half empty bottle of Dr. Pepper. I ask him, "Do I even want to know?". He says, "Was in Sam's book bag.". I quickly add the blood to the soda and shake it up to mix it. I poke Sam in the shoulder and say, "Sam" over and over. He jerks his head up and weakly asks, "What?".  "Drink this." I say as I hand him the Dr. Pepper.

"You sure this will make me feel better? It's just pop." Sam retorts. I look at him and say, "It will, Sam, I'm sure.".  He drinks it without further arguements. After a minute the black veins are gone. I whisper to Sam, "If that shit happens again at Bobby's he's going to lock you away.".

Sam just smiles and says, "It won't happen.". We all get back in our cars and once again head towards Bobby Singer's. I keep thinking to myself, how the hell could this get any worse. I fall asleep just as Sam turns on the radio and the song "Night Train" by Jason Aldean begins playing.




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