Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


19. Rage (Dean's POV)

When I got back to Bobby’s the next morning, everything was silent. I didn’t understand what was going on until Bobby himself walked to me.

“Dean, you need to get that boy and his girl under control, understand?” I look at him, then I hear Diamondis yelling, and what sounds like banging on a door.

“Kristen Victoria Rivers, get your a*s out here now!” and then more banging. I followed the banging to see that Diamond was trying to bang open Sammy and Kristen’s bedroom door open.

“Diamond, Baby what is going on? Talk to me, calm down and talk to me,” I said soothingly that was when she looked at me and her eyes was pitch black.

“Now, Dean, if our siblings decide to do a hunt without us, then come home bang up and bruised, you would be pissed won’t you?” I nod agreeing that I would be. “Well, that is exactly what they did, and then they come home, I demand an explanation, they won’t even leave their bedroom! If they won’t come out, I am going in,” that was when Bobby came up.

“No more destroying my house Missy!” so now he is mad. I feel like I am the only one maintaining my cool.

“Bobby, can you take Diamondis down, and have a beer or tea please, while I talk to Sam,” he nods and takes Diamondis down stairs. I walk to Sammy’s door, and knocks lightly, that was when Sam opened it. He looked at me and smiled, which I returned. He gestured that I come in, when I do, I can see that he and Kristen have been busy. “Sammy, we need to talk,” he nods. “I never wanted to fight with you, it is just what happened, I don’t want our family in ruins or in anger with one and other. I want to be the way it was, not like it is now, so can we go back the way it was. I will talk to Diamond, once she calms down she will understand,” Sam nods and gives me a hug, which I return. “Also, I need to know. Did you and Kristen do a hunt without me and Diamond?” Sam looks away.

“Dean, we needed sometime away from you guys, and Kristen found a case, she planned on doing it alone, but I wouldn’t let her, if I hadn’t gone, she would be a vamp by now, so I have no regrets, so don’t be pissed or angry, for I did what I thought was right,” he explained. I guess what I said next shocked him.

“I am none of those emotions, I am one though, that you did not think to name. I am proud of you, because you stepped up to be a man, and look out for your girl, but next time wait for us… Dad would be proud of you Sammy,” Sam looked at me and smiled, he was fixing to cry. I thought that I would leave so he could shed them, he missed Dad a lot, I do as well, I just hide it very well.

    I left him, in his room then head off, to where Bobby and Diamond was, to take the Rage that is brewing, as well as to fix this family.

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