Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


20. One Family Again

I watched Sam and Dean talking to each other, Sam explaining to Dean what had gone down on the hunt, Dean nodding his head. I kept wondering how the hell am I going to reconcile with Diamondis. I watch as Dean nods once more and then leaves.

"Sammy?". He looks at me, a tear slowly falling down his face. I suddenly feel the urge to go and cuss Dean out. I slip past Sam, my right hand's mere inches from the door knob.

"Kris, what are you doing?".

"If Dean's hurt you mentally, I am going to go and give him a piece of my mind.".

"He's not pissed at me.".

"Say what now," I ask, turning around to face Sam. He walked over to the bed and set down on the foot of it. I fold my arms over my chest, something I do when I'm either pissed or intrigued. After three minutes I sigh and walk over to him. As I sit down next to him, I get this weird feeling that someone somewhere is watching us. 

"What did you mean, 'He's not pissed at me', Sam?".

"Dean. I thought he'd pissed off at me from going on a hunt without him. He's not.".

I could feel horror filling my soul, what did Sam exactly say, to Dean.

"Wh-wh-wh-what di-di-di-did yo-yo-yo-you sa-sa-sa-say t-t-t-to hi-hi-hi-him?".

"I told him that you had found a case, that you were going to go at it alone, that you couldn't convince me to stay here. I also told him that you'd be a vamp, if I hadn't come with you.".

"What did he tell you," I ask as I lay my head on his shoulder, trying my best to be calm.

"He told me that he wasn't angry, or pissed, he told me he was proud and that our Dad would be proud too.".

I looked at Sam, thinking we can reconcile with our siblings, we can be one family again. I stood up, snatching Sam's hoodie with the Sioux Falls Warriors emblem on it, then I pull it over my head and let it rest on my small frame.

"You cold?".

"No and yes, don't want Diamondis to see the extant of the cuts and bruises.". Sam nods and we walk down to wherever Dean, Diamondis and Bobby are. I close my eyes and listen, then I smile because I hear Black Veil Brides music coming from somewhere straight ahead and Bobby yelling over the music.

Sam walks out in front of me, listening as well, trying to pinpoint it exactly. I smile at myself, laughing inwardly too. Sam has just given me the perfect opportunity to 'ambush' him. I don't shout, I just run, my feet lightly brushing the floor, then at the last second, I jump, startling him as I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, so I won't fall off.

"Boo," I whisper in his ear, causing him to scream like a banshee, until I say, "It's just me, Sam.".  I rest my chin on his left shoulder, reassuring him. Sometimes he acts tough, but he can be scared easily.

"Are you going to get off of my back or am I carrying you to wherever Dean and Diamondis are?".

"Sam, please," I whine, knowing that he can't say no. He just shakes his head and laughs.

"Okay, Kris.". With that he begins walking forward, my chin still on his left shoulder. As we walk into a den area, I hear Dean go, "Aww," like an... I can't even think of a word that would could describe him, yet I knew a few that would, but I dare not say them to his face.

I shake my head, sliding off Sam's back and sitting on the floor with Sam right behind me. I lean into him, popping my neck as I do, preparing myself for whatever Diamondis has to throw at me. I take a deep breath, tears threatening to escape my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Diamondis. I don't know what else to say, I wasn't actually held prisoner in hell. One of Crowely's cronies got the jump on me, sedating me and then next thing I know, I wake up in a house. Before you found me, walking down that street a few weeks ago, I had already tried escaping thirteen times. At least five of those times I was able to actually get out of the house, but never very far.When Sam and I went to GrandView, I nearly got turned into a vampire, because I let one seduce me. Whatever is going on between the four of us, we need to end it. If Azazel is after the four of us, we need to be on guard. Just please forgive me, Sis. Do you forgive me? Because I forgive you, just please.".

I leaned my head back, resting it on Sam's left shoulder, waiting for Diamondis's answer. I definitely felt cold now, so I wrap my arms around myself, shivering every other second. Sam wrapped me up in a hug, trying to help me stay warm. I can see Diamondis's face filled with concern.

"Kris, are you okay?".

I nod my head, then I say,"Yeah. Just a little chilled. So?".

"So, what?".

"Forgive and forget? Well not actually forget, but---" Diamondis cuts me off by hugging both Sam and I. Dean walks over and joins in, adding to the group hug. I look at Bobby, knowing he probably isn't the hugging type, but I'm suprised when he walks over.

"You're both forgiven," Diamondis says, breaking off from the group.

I nod,smile and then stand up.Sam and Dean are hugging each other and slapping each other on the back. I yawn and try to wipe the on coming sleep from my eyes. Sam sees me and smiles, then he nods to Dean, who in turn nods to Diamondis.

"I think it's time to turn in, am I right," Bobby asks, he himself stretching and yawning. Sam picks me up the same way that he carried me in to the den and carries me back to our room. He sets me down at the foot of the bed and then he begins pacing back and forth. I begin dozing off until I get an idea that fills me with energy.

I automatically get up and grab my laptop from its bag and a pair of headphones from one of the other bags. I log on and open the pictures file. There's a bunch of me and Sam, me, Sam, Dean and Cas, but very few of Diamondis and myself. I peer over the top of the laptop, watching Sam. I know he may hate this but I want to do it for the family. I scoot to my right, keeping the laptop steady, then I reach into the laptop bag again. I pull out a hard drive, Diamondis's hard drive from her home computer. I add some more pictures and then set to work.

After I choose the pictures I want of everybody, except Bobby, I open iTunes and begin searching for the perfect song. After many attempted fails at finding the perfect song, I barley notice Sam sitting beside me.


I jump, or whatever they call jumping when your sitting down, barely keeping the laptop from flying.

"Damn it, Sam!". I notice that when I jumped, I accidentally scooted away.

He smiles and then he sits down where I was sitting. I look at him, suddenly laughing, realizing that he got me back for scaring him.

"Outta my spot, Sam.".

"No until you tell me what your doing.".

"Never, Sam," I shout, defiantly, placing my laptop somewhere Sam couldn't get it, hopefully.

Sam then procedes to chase me around the room, trying to tickle me. 

"Come on, Kris, I won't tickle you, if you tell me what your doing.".


I'm about to get the jump on Sam, but Dean walks in, sees us, and then begins walking out.

"I need reinforcements, Dean. Maybe Diamondis as well.". Oh God no, I begin backing away from Sam.

"Samuel Winchester, don't you even dare!".  He begins chasing me again, so I begin figuring out that it's no use. I stop in the middle of the room and flop backwards on the bed.

"Call off your reinforcements, Sam, I give up! Do you hear me, Sam? I give up!". Sam looks at me, but it only takes a few seconds for it to register with him, Dean too. Sam begins to tickle my right foot, causing me to laugh uncontrollably and to lightly kick him in his right shoulder. Diamondis walks in, asking Dean a question, but stops mid-sentence when she sees Sam tickling my right foot.

"You are not the only one that's going to do that, Winchester," she says, as she begins to tickle my other foot.

"Okay, okay, okay," I say in between laughing. Sam and Diamondis quit, Dean asking Diamondis if she wanted to go out somewhere.

I sit up, watching them go, Sam sitting down beside me and then snaking his left arm around my waist, possibly readying himself for round two. 

"Now, please tell me what you were doing on your laptop.".

"I will, but you have to keep it a secret, 'kay?".

He nods, wrapping his other arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

"I was trying to find a song for a video I'm putting together for our families.".

"Need help with the song?".

"Wait, what?".

"Do you want me to help you find the song?".

"If you want to, but you have to keep it a secret, until later tonight.".

So, Sam and I are sitting on the floor, him behind me like how we sat in the den. After thirty minutes we had it narrowed down to five; Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides, Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab, It's My Life by Bon Jovi,  Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blood Brothers by Luke Bryan.

"It's between 'It's My LIfe', 'Angel With A Shotgun', and 'Sweet Home Alabama', for me, Sam. Your votes?".

"Angel With A Shotgun, It's My Life and  Sweet Home Alabama for me too.".

"I guess we just put all three in?".

"Yep.". Sam leans his head against the wall and watches me work my movie magic, placing each song in the place that I wanted it to be, so let's just say the ending is going to be great. Sam hands me a burnable DVD from the laptop case and I nod to him, agreeing that it was perfect. After the movie encodes itself and finalizes, I pop it out of my laptop and into a DVD/CD case.

"Is it ready to show them, Kris?".

"Yeah, go and get them, I'll work on snacks.".

We both stands up at the same time, Sam going off to get Dean and Diamondis, and myself heading to the kitchen to fix up some snacks. I grab, chips, popcorn, three beers, one for Sam, Dean and Diamondis and a 24 ounce of Moutain Dew for myself. I try picking everything up on one fell swoop, but one of the beer bottles ends up slipping out of my grasp. I begin fearing the worst, until I see Dean grab it, saving it from smashing.

"Sam said that you had rented a movie, but it was a secret to what you rented and probably needed help carrying snacks and drinks to the den.".

"Yeah, thanks, Dean. About the movie, what Sam said was true.".

Dean nods, carrying almost everything except the bags of chips and my Mountain Dew. As I'm walking to the den I see Diamondis getting ready to go into my room.

"Hey, Diamondis, there's a pie in the fridge for Dean, mind getting it for me?"

Diamodis looks up from the door knob and she nods her head, heading off in the direction I just came from. That was too close, so I slip into the room, snatching the home-made DVD and then heading to the den.

Diamondis joins us, so Dean begins jumping up and down like a little girl at the sight of the pie. I stand up, Sam, protecting my spot from the pie.


Dean and Diamondis look up from the pie, Sam smirking at them, because he knows what I'm doing.

"When Sam said I rented a movie, he lied. I made a movie, with pictures I had on my laptop and from the external hard drive from Diamondis's computer from her house. That's why the four of us are sitting around. So, I hope you like it, Dean and Diamondis. The reason I didn't say Sam, is because he helped me. Also, enjoy.".

I turn on the 32" flat screen and the DVD player, then I place the DVD in the DVD player and wait for the menu to pop up. When it does Sam hits play and 'It's My Life' begins playing through the speakers with a few pictures of Sam, Dean and I in our hunter clothing. I cuddle up with Sam, watching the 'movie'. After that song, I look over to Dean, who's eyes light up like a christmas tree.

He whispers, "Sweet Home Alabama? Hell yes and thank you, Kris.". With that song, it shows pictures of Cas, Dean and Diamondis. I can tell Diamondis is pleased, but upset at the same time. As 'Sweet Home Alabama', ends I quickly whisper to her that I will make a 'Sister' DVD and use her favorite Black Veil Brides song.

Everyone goes silent as the last song 'Angel With A Shotgun', begins playing. I hear Dean laugh as I watch  a picture of me and Sam, back to back, with shotguns in our hands. The movie ends and Dean takes it out of the DVD player, putting it back into its case and then handing it to me.

"Once again, Kris, thanks.". Diamondis checks the time on her phone, and then says to all of us that it's defintely time to turn in. Sam and I head back up to our room after cleaning up the trash and stuff. 

I change into one of his old shirts and a pair of sweatpants, where as he just changes into a pair of black and blue basketball shorts. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm out like a light. Soon after I hear Sam's soft snoring. Everything should be okay, right? Well it's not, at least for me, because the nightmare of being trapped in that house resurfaces.

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