Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


7. Meet the Winchesters

I tell Diamondis that some friends of mine will becoming in three days time. She walks in the kitchen and grabs a beer, then offers me one. "No, thank you.". We decide to watch some TV. I'm paying more attention to the show, so I don't hear Diamondis ask, "Where did you learn to use a gun? When you were younger you couldn't stand them.".  

I stare at her and then blink a few times. I say, "My boyfriend and his brother taught me when I went and lived with them, and before you ask, that's why I wasn't home for a few hoildays.". She nods and then she asks, "What does your boyfriend do for a living? I remember him and his brother, but I don't recall what they do.".  I can't reveal the secret I have hidden for a few years.

"They're FBI agents. They work for the government and I do too.".She looks at me funny, but nods. After a few more minutes Diamondis asks, "What's this show about?" and I respond "I have no clue.".  

*Three Days Later*

I'm laying on the couch when I feel a hand cover my mouth. I instantly go into offense mode and I bit the hand. The person shouts out in pain. I easily pin the person to the wall, but only to be hit in the back of the head by a second person.

I hear "Damn, Dean! You didn't have to hit her in the back of the head!", "She was attacking you, Sam! What else was I supposed to do!", "Let her finish her attack!", "If she did you'd be dead!". I also hear, "Get the hell away from my sister, or I swear I will hurt both of you.". I bolt into a sitting position nearly hitting a guy.

I see the guy I attacked and the person that must've hit me in the back of the head and Diamondis with a...shotgun? My vision adjusts and I see...Oh my god...I shout with joy, "Where the hell have you been, Sam!".  One of the guys jumps. "Kristen?". I nod.

Diamondis cocks her head to one side and asks, "Um,  Kristen, who are these two?".  I stand up and walk over to Sam, who puts his arm around me, then I say, "Diamondis, meet Sam and Dean Winchester. Sam and Dean, meet Diamondis.".

Sam, Dean and Diamondis greet each other without hostility this time. We're all having fun when suddenly Sam and I become tense, like we could sense something.Dean sees this and so does Diamondis, and they both ask, "What's wrong?". That's when we hear a window break, followed by shouting. Sam motions for Diamondis,  Dean and I to run and we hide in my room.

That's when I hear someone say, "I thought you said that the children and the hunters were here?". "They were, Crowley, they were. They couldn't have left the cars are still here.". Without me even doing anything my hands begin to glow. I look at Dean who mouthes to Sam, 'What the hell?', then to Diamondis who is hugging a stuffed bear.  

I look at Sam and then whisper, "Te Amo." and he whispers back, "Rhoncus et asini." and then kisses my forehead. I take off to meet this "Crowley" and his associates.

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