Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.



There is no way, I slid down the wall, at what she said. No, there is no way, my sister wouldn't shoot at an SUV, my sister doesn't look four years younger than what she is, she is not a fighter, she used to wear pink and sleep with teddy bears, this is not my sister. Yet for some reason it makes sense, but then why did they have her in hell. Why hide her?  Why kidnap her? She walked towards me, and hugged me, I jumped. 

"Hey, its ok. I am ok, we will be ok, I managed to call some pals of mine when I first got out. They are on their way, and should be here in a few days," she comforted me, when it is supposed to be the other way around. I could see it now, we are twins, if she dyed her hair she would just like me except skinnier. 

"Who are these pals of yours," I asked. I arched an eyebrow to her, she blushed.

"Well one is my boyfriend, and the other is his brother," she said looking away. That was when I remembered her boyfriend, the little brother, but I can't remember his name. We went to school with him a couple weeks in our last year in high school. She went to college, and now I am guessing so did he. I slowly got up and went to the kitchen, and poured me a drink, looks like I am going to be needing it.

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