Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


8. Fight of our lives.

Sam kissed me on the forehead after telling me to kick thier a**es in latin. All my training flooded my mind, meaning I knew where to hide and not be killed. I can hear more clearly now, "Where the hell are they!". My hands glow brighter, hotter, now a beacon to the intruders. That "Crowley" guy says with a smirk on his face, "Ah, there's our little Kristen. The one who escaped her living hell.".

I shout, "There's no way in hell, that your taking me back, no way in hell.".   Crowley laughs, "Oh ha ha, another "hell" joke. "Scitis quid ridiculam, Crowley? Vos!" I shout. "Tu scortillum!" he shouts. By that time the glowing has ceased and I hear the rustling of feathers. I look over my right shoulder to find...holy shit...WINGS!!! I smile a coyote smile, this is going to be fun.  I look down at my right hand and see...a sword? 

I step from my hiding place, raising the sword. "Crowley!" I shout. Crowley turns around and screams, "I thought you said that she hadn't mastered her powers!". What is he talking about? I hear Sam shout, "LEAVE HER ALONE!!".  That's when I feel the blast, it knocked me backwards, but I stand my ground. I scream a battle cry and charge at them.

I easily beat the five other that are with Crowley. I continue fighting until I see him. Sam and I both step back, we know this man. "You!" It's the demon from ten years ago. I drop the sword, Sam and I both backing up, the demon closing in. His name is on the tip of my tongue, and I can tell Sam knows it too.

Dean and Diamondis run out of my room, but both stop in their tracks. "Sam, got any tricks up your sleeve?"Dean, Diamondis and I ask out of pure fear. "Not this time guys. Not this time.". I think of something, the same thing I did when I was eight. I let my hands glow again, this time their purple.  

The demon shrieks, "Crowley, I thought that you said that he didn't have children! Especially one that had his powers!". Who was this person and demon? I remember the demon's name, so I say, pointing my right hand at him, "Be gone, Azazel. We will deal with you later.".

Azazel and Crowley leave, and I collaspe. Sam catches me. "Thanks, Sam.". Dean is talking to himself, "She's showing signs of Gabriel. He doesn't have any kinds of kids. Why is Kristen showing his powers? What about Diamondis will she show powers or is she normal?".  

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