Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


9. Are we abominations

When my sister walked away to go face the ones that have held her hostage, prisoner, or a toy, whatever you want to call it. I felt the urge to protect her, I mean she does not look like she could fight men, let alone demons. I started to head to the back room, and now I knew what Dean and Sam's job, because they did what I do in my past time... They are Hunters. 

"Hey Dean, you need a gun?" I called out as I walked away. He looked at me, with and eye brow arched and he laughed. 

"Why would I need one? What are we fighting?" I looked at him with scorn.

"You may do that to the normal people, but not me and my sister. I know as much as she does, but I taught myself, so do you want a gun or not?" he shook his head and looked at Sam, who shrugged his shoulders. 

"How was you exposed to it?" Sam asked wondering I guess.

"Hasn't Kristen told you?" I asked. He shook his head, I laughed in surprise. "Wow... Our mother was killed by the yellow eyed demon," I explained, they gasped, and I looked at them, they shared a look that looked like sorrow. "What? Do I want to know" they looked at me. 

"You may have a story more a like to our own," Dean said... That was when we heard Kristen calling Crowley out into the open. That when we said in unison, "Oh crap," I knew that she would not rest until everyone of the demons that made three weeks of her life a living hell. I knew we would need one alive to find out what they are planning so we need to stop her. So we ran after her, and we get stopped in our tracks, by someone that has affected so many lives, but has effected ours, Dean and mine for than anything, one that still plagues our nightmares. The yellow demon...

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