Do you believe? Do you believe in a world beyond our own? One filled with many mysteries and creatures that a human mind could never come to understand. Humans can let time slip by because they have it, I used to have it but then I didn’t. In the end I ran out of time. I had to lose the game in order to win.
I had to make a choice, good or evil. Simple as that, but to me time finally came to something I no longer had. Time faded away like ripples in a lake after the raindrop hits the surface and with this fading time I want to tell you something. I want to tell you my story- this may be my only chance so listen, listen to my story.


1. Ripples

Do you believe? Do you believe in a world beyond our own? One filled with many mysteries and creatures that a human mind could never come to understand. Humans can let time slip by because they have it, I used to have it but then I didn’t. In the end I ran out of time. I had to lose the game in order to win.

I had to make a choice, good or evil. Simple as that, but to me time finally came to something I no longer had. Time faded away like ripples in a lake after the raindrop hits the surface and with this fading time I want to tell you something. I want to tell you my story- this may be my only chance so listen, listen to my story.




The day was like any other day or so I thought. Like every school day at lunch I head towards the library in hopes to avoid social interaction with the others in my year – why, because they are all jerks, bullies or just plain weird.

Keeping my head down I found myself passing by a group of squealing girls or as they are more commonly known as, the popular crowd. Pleading they would leave me be for once but with my luck (which is basically non-existent), I had a foot catch onto my leg and my face meeting the hard floor.

“Oops, watch where you’re falling Dylan. The ground is a little dirty”, the queen blonde girl known as Grace snickered. “Actually I take that back, ,it was clean but then dirt landed on it”, she continued stomping her massive foot onto my side. Ouch.

“Fight back”, a voice echoed around me.

Okay delightful now I’m hearing voices! Just what I need. A cold shiver crept down my spine as another kick met my stomach followed by a crunching sound. There goes one of my ribs – again.

“Fight back, Dylan”, the voice called again, more frustrated. Wow my conscience seems to get angry really easy.  

Grace was about to raise her leg again but suddenly stopped looking as if she was in a daze. The girls around her seemed to stop laughing and start screaming instead. Okay this is just getting weird now, following the screaming girls eyes I looked behind me but only saw a feather falling from the air.

Raising my eyebrow I turned around to see if they had lost their mind but they were gone. Shaking my head I stood up and limped my way to the nurse’s office, how am I going to explain this one to my over-protective mother and childish father?


(A few moments of limping later)


“My baby”, my dear mother cried when I limped pathetically into the nurse’s office. Did I mention she is the nurse? When I say she cried, I mean she was actually crying. I was clutched into a suffocating hug meaning my ribs were feeling on the verge of snapping in half.

“Mum, can’t breathe”, I gasp trying to wriggle my way to freedom which was probably not the best idea because the next minute I was lying on the floor cringing in pain.

“Dylan, sweetheart what happened?”, my small mother asked me wrapping her arms softly around my shaking body. If I told her the truth it would only make things worse, it always happens like this I hate having to lie to my parents.

“I fell down the stairs again”, I laugh bitterly causing my mum to sigh.

“Okay well let’s get you home darling, I’ll call your dad to come get you”, she kissed the top of my head and helped onto the seat before dialing my dad’s number. Looking over at her I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by how beautiful my own mother was.

 Her silky brown hair always spiraling down her back in wave, her skin was golden which made her bambi-like eyes stand out all the time. All together she always looked so angelic no matter what the situation. Then there is my dad, he is really childish which surprises everyone – mainly because of how he looks like the kind of person you wouldn’t get on the bad side of. Unlike my mum, he has almost white hair with ice blue eyes and pale skin. Not to forget the constant muscles and his never ending tattoos.

I look nothing like either my parents though; I have plain black hair that falls flat down my back. My skin is far too pale for my liking and my eyes are amber. Honestly you would think that I’ve just came out of the hospital or something. Just then the agony in my ribs came back making my eyes fight against the tears that were threatening to fall.

“You should have fought back”, the same damn voice from before sang in my head.




From between the voice speaking again to my dad carrying me into his car I had somehow found myself sitting on the edge of my bed with a knife in my hand. The cold metal was place against my heart as I took a deep breath.

I could end everything so easily, all I had to do was push then everything would be over. My eyes wandered over to my large stack of books in the corner, it wasn’t like a fairytale was going to happen where I would meet my prince charming and he would whisk me away to a faraway land where the endless torture would stop.

“I could make it stop”, the voice once again formed in my head.

Stop making up false hope, this is real life not some fantasy! Downstairs I could hear the voices of my parents starting to rise once again. They have been fighting a lot lately, they try to tell me it’s nothing but I do hear them every time. Sometimes my name is thrown into their arguments and they start to speak in hushed tones.

All I had to do was move my hand and it would all be over.

Don’t do it”, the voice sounded really close this time almost as if someone was whispering in my ear.

Shaking it off I pressed a little more pressure feeling the cold metal pierce against my skin and a little blood pouring down my chest. All I have to do is push...

“Well it looks like she is going to do it for us”, someone spoke making me look around my room but no one was there.

“Such a shame, I was looking forward for ripping her limb from limb”, a girlish voice sighed causing me to tense up. Was I hearing more than one voice these days? I shouldn’t even be hearing one voice, but I am never that lucky.

Suddenly the wall rippled revealing a head sliding through with ease followed by his body. Okay and now I’m seeing things!

“So this is her, really cute. Shame we have to destroy this one”, the guy that had just floated through my wall sighed.

“She is not cute! She doesn’t even look appealing, honestly Cloud you’ve got a horrible taste”, the annoying girly sound screeched as she rippled through my wall as well. So this is getting awkward.

I cough slightly causing them to stare right at me with shock painted all over their faces. Well now that I have these weird people’s attention...

“Do you mind? I am sitting right here”, I sigh putting the knife down on the bed and looking at them closely.

“It can see us? I thought she was just a human”, the girl screamed coming over to me and prodding my cheek.

“Of course I can see you! You are in my freaking head”, I frown slapping her hand away.

“Looks like she has started to change, we need to finish the mission quickly Cole”, the guy spoke pulling something out of the air.

“Run”, the normal voice begged just as a spear like shadow was pointed against my neck. Well this sucks.

Looking along the shadow my eyes met the black ones of the guy, a small smile formed on his face when his eyes connected with mines. “So pretty”, he whispered as the shadow became really hot burning across my throat.

“No!”, the voice from my head screamed becoming more realistic compared to any other time it’s spoken. A hand clasped my own and I was pulled through the air away from the burning.

I looked towards the solid wall and almost screamed, was this person crazy?! I can’t do the strange rippling thing that they can- or so I thought. My hand touched the wall and small waves formed beneath me but I wasn’t allowed time to take it in because I was pulled through it and into a blinding light.

“We should be safe for now”, the voice spoke but this time from an actual person. I looked at the hand that was still attached to my wrist and followed it.

The person before me had to be the most beautiful being alive! His snowy white skin stood out against his raven like hair, a small boyish smile looked back at me. Shaking my arm free I took a few steps back to find even more of a shock when I saw wings sticking out of his back. 

“What exactly is going on and who are you”, I question unsure of what was happening to me.

“Well first of all my name is Ranger and well I’m your guardian angel”, you have got to be kidding me. I laugh loudly ignoring the pain in my ribs but stopped as soon as I saw the serious expression on Ranger’s face.

“So let me get this right, you are my guardian angel and that makes those two people in my room who exactly?”, I ask slowly still trying to understand the fact that a person with wings was standing right in front of me.

“Well they are demons sent to kill you”, well how delightful there is people out to kill me- wait what?! “Well you see, you are the first ever half-ling to ever exist and that makes you a threat to both sides”, Ranger answered so casually.


Wait so that would mean my mum and dad weren’t human and I’m half demon, half angel. Right I am most likely going insane.

“Okay ‘guardian angel’, if I am a half-ling then why am I just finding this out now?”, I asked raising my brow trying not to laugh at how stupid the whole thing was.

“Yeah, your father is a angel and your mother was a demon until they found each other. After that they had you which was against the law. Your father though was a great influence and made a deal where he and your mother would lose their power thus becoming normal”, Ranger finished and looked at me.

“Then why are these demons trying to kill me?”, Ranger came close to me and looked into my eyes.

“Because you are about to change and both sides fear that you will become a monster of a sort. That’s why I was given to you from an elite order, in order to protect and train the rarest of beings they first of all must change”, by now Ranger was only a few inches away from my face.

“Then just one more thing”, I whisper causing him to tilt his head to the side a little. “I’m about to change”.




You know that feeling you get when you have pins and needles then go all numb making your body feel really heavy? Well that is what it feels like right now, my back feels heavy but at the same time it feels like a fire has been spread across my skin.

Everything around me was starting to change, the bright lights were dimming and many images seemed to be filling the air around me. A dark glow was spreading across my entire body all stopping at my back where the pain was starting to wear off.

I opened my eyes to see a whole world in front of me. I was no longer standing in the white world, instead I could see for miles. Endless paths filled with the strangest looking people making their way through the day.

Turning around Ranger was simply gazing at me as if I had grown a second head, I didn’t grow one did I? Checking both sides of my head I was happy to see there was still only one head- mine.

“You look different. What are you?”, Ranger gasped floating over to me and reaching for the air behind my back, only it wasn’t air it was wings. Great I now have wings. I’m in the middle of a place I have no idea where it is, with a guy claiming to be my guardian angel who said my parents were not human and I have wings.

“What are you talking about?”, I asked walking (well more like flying) over to a small puddle. In front of me was no longer the girl I knew, this one was different. Her once plain black hair was now pinned down falling in actual raven-like feathers; her pasty skin was now a glowing white. Those amber eyes now stared back at me with a burning flame deep inside. Lastly my back was no longer normal but one white wing stood put on the right and a black wing on the left. Well this is interesting.

“Found you”, a familiar cold voice echoed from down the street. Out of the shadows came the demon- Cloud I think his name is. How did he find us so fast? “My, my don’t you look even more cute amore”, he whispered fading away then reappearing at my side.

“Keep away from her!”, Ranger snapped but the annoying girl stepping behind him and clutched onto his wings. “Not so fast”, she laughed distracting him.

“What do you want from me demon”, I spat surprised on how I was acting. Wasn’t it only a few hours ago I wanted to die?

“Oh well after you disappeared we had to look for you for a entire week! You cause me so much hassle amore”, he whispered against my ear.

“What are you talking about? I only left a few hours ago”, I frowned looking the demon in the eyes with no sense of fear.

Cloud let out a laugh; “well it could have been a few hours in your old world but in this world you have been gone for a entire week. Funny how much time flies when you don’t have time to waste”, he took my hand and kissed it sending me chills down to the very core of my soul. “Simple enough to say I already love you amore”, he laughed again.

“You can’t love someone so easily you fool, besides you can’t love someone you don’t know”, I return pulling my violated hand away from his cold lips.

The air around me seemed to grow thick and unbalanced as a hand clutched onto mines. My eyes landed on Ranger who was glaring at Cloud, how did he get over here so fast?

“Tsk, tsk, such a bad move for such a good boy”, Cloud laughed twisting the air around him. My heart started pounding as time seemed to stop completely. “I will kill amore then she will be mines so why don’t we make it easier for every soul in this area and you just hand her over”, the demon continued as screams started to fill the air.

I have to do something. I can’t let these innocent souls get hurt because of me! Taking a deep breathe I felt a surge of power course through my veins.

“What the-“

“Leave the innocent alone!”, I screamed as a dark fog surrounded the four of us. The girl stood still as if she was lost to herself, Ranger and Cloud both took a step back from me as the power coursed into my blood as if it was my own source of air.

“The power”, Ranger gasped reaching out at the ripples that were forming around us. My body erupted into black flames as I reached for the ripple in front of me. “This power belongs to no one, nor do I”, I whisper before stepping through it and into my own world.




Time has stopped, nothing will ever be the same again. I don’t know how long I was in my own empty, lifeless world for but I had no life left inside me. Running towards the first light I had seen in god knows how long I found myself in a world of destruction.

The once green land was barren and death. My eyes directed towards the sky but I only saw a endless grey, it was as if all life had been sucked out of Earth leaving only death in its grip. My feet touched the ground for the first time in who knows how long and I walked across the wasteland.

“Darkness! Stay back”, a woman screamed at me hurrying her children inside. What happened whilst I was gone?

“I’m coming”, a long lost voice called from inside my head. Ranger- my heartfelt a sudden beat as if it was a bird being freed from its cage.

Before me stood a face I knew not so long ago yet years seemed to have caught him. “Ranger”, I whispered taking my final steps towards him.

“Amore”, a voice called from behind. Cloud, the demon who loved me after seven days.

“What happened to this world?”, my voice was growing weaker.

“You left it to die amore, now you must die as well. Chose your side for it will either save this world or doom it to oblivion”, Cloud whispered beside me.

One side good, the other evil. Which one, I turned to him


“I choose you”.  

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