Sassily Sarcastic

"WOH!! PAUL! We have a crazy fan in our house!" I looked at him in disgust. Full of himself much? "Comme des FUCK DOWN!!" He looked at me in shock. "I'm not a fan. The names Hannah. Hannah Malik"


5. Zayn?

This moment was one of those moments, when something shatters inside of you, when everything good slips your mind as you fall into a hole of darkness.

"Hannah...uh... A-are you ok?" I snapped my head To the person who said that. My eyes softened as I realised the voice belonged to Maddie. "Yeah, I-I'm good." I stumbled on my words. I stood up and rushed over to my mum. She looked at me with a broad grin on her face.

"Mum, what are we gonna do? I can't go to America, and you won't let me stay at the house alone.." I questioned. She looked at me and sighed, "I guess it's time for you to pay a little visit to Zayn..."

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