Sassily Sarcastic

"WOH!! PAUL! We have a crazy fan in our house!" I looked at him in disgust. Full of himself much? "Comme des FUCK DOWN!!" He looked at me in shock. "I'm not a fan. The names Hannah. Hannah Malik"


2. My life

I listened to the boring lecture that Mrs. Thomas was giving us.

Shakespeare is the thing that keeps humans sane, and blah, blah, blah, blah.

Shit can't get any more boring. English is definitely my least favorite major in UNI. I don't even know how I majored in it. That was always Zaynies thing.

Oh, sweet and loving Zayn. My cousin that's my big brother. I miss him tons and wish he was still here, but he had to go and sing in some world famous band, with girls begging at his feet. You suck Zayn, you really do.

He left me here to die. It sucks.

Him being in the band causes me to have trust issues. If I see him on a magazine, I can't say, "Oh, look at that, my sweet ole cousin and his best mates are on your magazines. Cool." If I do that, people would try and be my "friend" just to get in with him. I hate it. The only person that doesn't care if he's famous is, my best friend since third grade, Maddie. She's known him since they were two. You might be wandering, "But you only new her since grade 3?" Well, sit back because it's a long story.

So here in England, if you're from another country, you have to go to special classes to learn about our country, kind've like in America. So her dad is from Mexico, and my uncle is from Iran. They were in the same classes and became citizens here, but what really made them get close was the reason why they are here, for their wives and children. So, one day, Maddie's dad invited my uncle over for dinner, and he brought his whole shebang of a family, including Zayn, and Maddie and Zayn met. Since then they became best friends, but in grade 3, they both transferred to Polk Elementary and Zayn introduced us. We've all been best friends since, but for Zayn and Maddie, I've got another theory...

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