Sassily Sarcastic

"WOH!! PAUL! We have a crazy fan in our house!" I looked at him in disgust. Full of himself much? "Comme des FUCK DOWN!!" He looked at me in shock. "I'm not a fan. The names Hannah. Hannah Malik"


3. Friendship

I can't believe I have to go to my mum's stupid work banquet.

I ran a brush through my thick, curly hair, trying to tame it for once. My oddly pale complexion sticking out compared to my dark hair. I put on a black dress with silver, studded, diamonds covering the chest area. I slipped on my silver heels. I guess I won't be SO bored, since I was able to bring a friend, who is obviously Maddie. She was wearing a minty blue dress with a diamond crested belt along her waist, which went along nicely with her Latina skin. She slipped on her light blue flats, since she hates heals and she's already tall without them, she doesn't wear them. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a some-what messy bun.

Our friend-ship was a weird thing. We usually complemented each other and sulked in our flaws, but only when we were around each other. We hate it when people are stuck up attention whores. We also stick up for each other. Back in school, kids and teacher hated me and Zayn because of our race, so they would always ask if we were terrorists or bombers or something. Their words would always make me, and even Zayn, cry. But, the minute someone would say something like that, Maddie would punch them square in the face. Back in the olden day's (aka: in elementary and highschool) Maddie would get in detention a lot, but because of what she did. She was known as the bad girl with the, "I don't give a fuck" attitude. She started fights and talked back to teachers. But in return, Zayn and I stood up for her to. Her dad being from Mexico made people do nasty things. She would act like it's nothing, but in reality it hurt her.

So basically now we are here, on our way to my mum's stupid banquet.

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