Sassily Sarcastic

"WOH!! PAUL! We have a crazy fan in our house!" I looked at him in disgust. Full of himself much? "Comme des FUCK DOWN!!" He looked at me in shock. "I'm not a fan. The names Hannah. Hannah Malik"


9. blood


I watched Hannah walk into the house. Once she was fully inside and the door was closed, I screamed. "Fuck. SHIT!" I started cussing and screaming. I laid down on the sidewalk, staring up at the clouds.

If Maddie is coming over next week, which she probably is, then I need to get my act together.

I'm marrying Perrie for fuck's sake! I can't have feelings for a girl who only thought of me as a brother.

I always think of her. I mean, yeah, I love Perrie, but she ISN'T Maddie. She doesn't give me the chills, send sparks and make me feel special. I love Maddie so much, she was my first wet dream, my first kiss, my first friend....

"Zayn!! You're back. Where's Anna?" Did she seriously just fucking do that? I literally always talk about Hannah, and she doesn't even remember her name! "Hannah, Perrie. Her name is Hannah." I said in a annoyed tone. She cliched her tongue and muttered a small, 'whatever'.

We started walking up walk, our hands together. Once we opened the door, I immediately saw Hannah and Harry in a screaming match. "Bitch, you can't just waltz on in here and act like the queen. You have to earn it and not be white trash." I gasped at what Perrie said. Harry slowly backed up and out of the living room. Hannah started to chuckle. "Who's your friend here Zaynie?" Hannah asked. Okay, maybe I don't tell her about me and Perrie and she basically avoids everything with my face on it. "Hannah, this is my fiancé Perrie. Perrie, this is my cousin Hannah." Hannah gasped at the word, 'fiancé'. Perrie shrugged and walked to the kitchen. Once she was out of the room, Hannah through a pillow at me with red eyes, saying, "How could you? She loves you to y'know. She didn't do shit to deserve this. And out of all the girls on earth, you pick her? Whatever Zayn. Maddie is coming to live with us. I don't fucking care if you don't like it, I don't care if that bitch doesn't like it. She's coming to stay. But we both know, Maddie doesn't take shit. So tighten your leash around her. Or else the walls will be dripping blood."

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