Sassily Sarcastic

"WOH!! PAUL! We have a crazy fan in our house!" I looked at him in disgust. Full of himself much? "Comme des FUCK DOWN!!" He looked at me in shock. "I'm not a fan. The names Hannah. Hannah Malik"


4. Banquet's

We arrived in front of a big, fancy building. I opened up my door, sliding out with Maddie at my side.

We strolled up the walk of the front entrance to the building. A doorman with the name of Mr. Otis, stood there, waiting for people to come up so he could open their door. He opened the door with a friendly smile. Maddie quietly thanked him and handed him £20. His smile became even broader and brighter.

We entered the ginormous room with, what I can only assume, looks of awe on our faces. "I'm going to go an chat with some of my co-workers. You guys go ahead and sit at our table. It's number 9." My mum said in an exited voice. Leave it to her to get all jittery over a banquet for her work.

Maddie and I headed over to where we would be seated for the next couple of hours. As we sat down, a loud and authoritative voice boomed into a microphone. "Everyone, quiet down. As you know, I'm the CEO of Apple Electronics. It's time to announce the exciting news of who will be accompanying me on the new Apple store in Las Angeles, California." Wow. Whoever wins is really lucky. A nice trip over to America sounds fun, especially since their going to be staying in LA. "Our special guest will be... Neda Malik!" Everyone started clapping while I sat there gaping at the stage. What the actual fuck...

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