Charmed Again

McKenna Halliwell has just gotten 5 new sisters and now a demons after the oldest. Now she must say her family and survive. Can she do it or will her sister become a demon, while she dies?


1. Chapter 1.

I opened my eyes and turned on my side, to look at my alarm clock that was going of like crazy, but it was Saturday. Michael, my little brother walked in, and banged on the snooze button, them ground. Out mom and step-dad had just died and today my dad, brother and I were going to the airport to pick up my half sisters. I turned onto my right side, but could get back to sleep. I threw off the covers and walked over to my closet and pulled out my pre-ripped jeans, this white, baggy sort of tank-top with a black rose on it. I put them both on my bed, and started digging through my closet for my favorite high-tops. After not being able to fine them, I ran down stairs, and found them in the room that was going to be my baby sister's room. I ran back up to my room. I pulled out a bra, underwear and a pair if socks. I got dressed, as I was pulling my pants up there was a knock at my bedroom door. I walked over, once I had finished pulling up my pants, and opened the door. "Hey, do you think the girls know about there powers" Michael asked. "I don't know, they might not even have their powers" I told him and closed the door. I walked back over to my bed and sat down; grabbed the remote to the TV and hit the power button. It turned onto the Apple TV and I turn on Doctor Who. I guess I should explain the powers thing. My family; we're witches. My name is McKenna Halliwell and my great great grandmother was Piper Halliwell, she was part of the power of three. My great grandmother was Wyatt Mathew Halliwell. He got married and had two girls and a boy. The oldest girl

Is my grandmother and her name is Marline Prue Halliwell, her sister's name is Marge Mathew Halliwell and their mothers name was Dan Ed Halliwell. My grandmother got married and had a boy named Markous Christopher Halliwell and twins, my mom Alisa Rayann Halliwell and her sister Danelle Ray Halliwell. Then my mom had had me, my brother and four sisters. I don't know my four sisters powers but I can tell you mine, my brothers and my dads. I can freeze, blow up stuff and orb. My brother read minds and has super-speed. My dad has mind control and strength. I don't even know what my moms power were, since she didn't like using them for anything. I was sitting on my bed waiting for it to be time to pick up my sisters. When my best friend Tiffany, knocked on my window, I was just about to change from my jeans into shorts. I walked over to my window and unlocked it, then changed my pants. It had just started to be spring break, and Michael and I were going to go to my mom's house but we didn't even get to chance to pack before they died. "Hey, what's up" Tiffany said when she got through the window. "Hey, nothin' much. You?" I said as I piled my shorts up. Tiffany walked over to my bed and started messing with the Apple TV. I put my high-tops back on. I walked over to my bed and sat down next to Tiffany. We sat there eating snacks from my snack dresser and watching The Walking Dead. Later, my dad walked in as we were clean up up, "We gotta go, McKenna" my dad said. "K, hold on" I said as I put a package for chips in the trash. He walked out and down the hall to tell Michael. Tiffany walked through the window and went home as I walked down stairs with my iPad phone and my headphones. I walked out to the car and sat in the passages seat as we drove for two and a half hours to the airport. When we got there we sat in the car, well Michael and I did, my dad stood out looking over the car. My brother sat in the backseat being the drivers seat staring down at his phone. I had climbed into the drivers seat and put my feet out the window. I was on Facebook, scrolling through my news feed, while messaging tiffany about how bored I was. The girls were seven, five, two years, and three months. The oldest's name is Alyssa, the five years old's name is Kaylen, the two year olds name is Chloe and then the baby's name is Summer, who were walking over to the car, and got in. After they were in the car and situated, "So girls, do you have or want any after school activities" my dad asked. "Well, I'm in soccer and Kaylen was going to be in ballet, but mom never got the chance" Alyssa explained "are Michael and McKenna in anything" I turned around in my seat. "Yeah, Michael's in karate and I'm in a dance thing at my school" I told her. "Cool" she said as I turned the radio up when "Pompeii" came on. Michael, Alyssa, Kaylen and I all sang at the top if out lungs. When we got home, we all went to bed and fell asleep faster than you could say "Pompeii". The next morning I woke up to the sound of crying. I look over at my alarm clock. I had fallen asleep on my couch, reading a book on my phone. It was four on the morning. I groaned and walked out of my room. All of my sibling we're sitting out in the hall, they all look really pissed. I could hear my dad getting frustrated with the baby down stairs. I groaned again and walking down into Summer's room. I started singing the "Hush Little Baby" song. Summer fell asleep. I walked out, up to my room and climbing into my bed and went to sleep.

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