Another World

Earth, a beautiful place; or at least we thought it was until the war happened. We weren't sure how to fight back so we send every possible kid that came along, that is until I showed up. I changed what everyone thought about kids, that maybe we weren't just a bunch of test monkeys to send to space so they could win a war. I was more than a test monkey or that's what I wanted.


6. Unwanted Vistor

The helicopter was late as usual for getting me to my training capsule. My escorter Miss Kim, led me to a room in the capsule full of kids my age or about a year older. I sat next to a girl that had long curled blonde hair and green eyes that looked welcoming. “Hi, I’m Austen Tyler.” I introduced myself.

    She smiled and said, “I’m Vice Everton.” Her blond hair flipped and waved and I saw some boys pointing to her and me.

    “Do you know them?” I asked her looking to them and they started whispering and laughing.

    “Yea, the one with the spiked blond hair is my brother Kyler, then there’s Sam Herny is the one with the black hair and he’s my brother’s best friend. Lastly the brown haired with the old Justin Bieber haircut is Clark Kent, he’s my boyfriend.” Vice smiles and turns blood red as he sees her staring and gives her a wink.

    “He’s cute,” I comment. “Your brother’s cuter.” I bite my lip. She gives me look that says, ‘You have my permission but it’s a bad decision.’ I giggle and she laughs along. Our friendship had begun.

    It took about three hours to finally reach TF20, Training Facility 20. There’s 8 facilities wrapped around the planet, not counting dorms and the Mes. The number ranges on the ages. We have TF12-TF20. Since you can only start training at the age of 12.

    It was nicer than any of the other facilities since it’s the latest one built. A woman at a counter asks us all our names like every time you walk into a building for safety precautions. Then a lady with red hair up in a ponytail leads us to our dorm. “Lila, Hare, Air, Ariel, and Tate in this dorm, your dorm number incase forgotten is 4.” she informs us and the kids walk right in. “Next dorm,” she starts walking. “is Clark, Simon, Austen, Vice, and Kyler.” I look to Sam and  I see the disappointment on his face that he wasn’t with Kyler.

    We go in while the woman and everyone else keep moving. Each bed had a name on it. There were two bunkbeds and another bed alone that was the group leader you would call them and that was appointed to Clark. I was on the bottom of one of the bunks and so was Vice. Simon and Kyler were on the tops.

    Simon was a weird but enjoyable boy, he had glasses and black hair. He was very smart but always wanted to be a comedian. His parents expected more of him since he was so smart and because of that personality trait he’s made it this far. His sister was eliminated from the system at the age of 15. He had had a rough time ever since because his parents didn’t take it well. Thankfully, his mother is in EB2 having twin girls soon.

Kyler I also got to know well, he and his sister had this competition going on that ever since their dad left they thought that if they proved themselves worthy maybe he’d come back to them with open arms. He has another older brother who’s in war right now and he had another older sister who went crazy when she didn’t pass the test at age 19 and is now in rehab.

Clark never said much and didn’t want to talk about his life, all he said was that he had been in six foster homes and not one ever took him in right till finally he was taken in by a older lady named Hillary. That’s how he met Vice, they live across the street from each other. He wanted to come here to die in battle. Vice I can see gets emotional when ever he says things like this, she loves him more than she thinks she does.

We had two weeks of break to explore our new home and do personal training if desired. We have seven classes: Defence, Weapons, How to Live in the Woods, Interrogation, History in Battle, Armour, and Fitness. You can take extra classes for a certain weapon like a crossbow or pistol too but I just want to know the bases because I already know how to throw knives well and iI have good sword fighting or at least that’s what Mr. Walker tells me.

    I get back from Defence class with Vice as she starts to tell me the time when she dared Kyler to stick his head in the toilet to see if her goldfish fell in. When we come into our dorm when there’s a woman sitting there on my bed and she looks unusually happy to see us both.

“Hello girls-s-s,” a woman about in her 50’s with gray short hair looks to us. She had a weird voice that sounded strange. I look to Vice who’s thinking the same thing. Why is this lady taking like this? Is she from a different country? Different race? Then it hits us both this Montior must’ve somehow got into the building and has been sent on a mission to  look for something or even someone.

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