Another World

Earth, a beautiful place; or at least we thought it was until the war happened. We weren't sure how to fight back so we send every possible kid that came along, that is until I showed up. I changed what everyone thought about kids, that maybe we weren't just a bunch of test monkeys to send to space so they could win a war. I was more than a test monkey or that's what I wanted.


4. My Family

I stop and look to now his amusing face and then he just stares. “Yes I’m talking about Pen.” I couldn’t help but sit in the chair across from him at his desk.

“What do you need from me?” I question starting to tear up.

“You’re going to go to ET3 for training.” he explains.

“Fine.” I somewhat salute to him.

    “But, before you go. I’m assigning you to unisex training for your last year. It helps the girls know what kind of men they have to deal with in war, that is if you pass your last test.”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Dismissed.” he shews me out the door and I hold my excitement in. I come to Mrs. Whitt at the desk. “

“You start tomorrow, a helicopter will be picking you up at seven. Thank You.” She gives me a red slip for a reminder just in case I forget. She dismisses me and I head home thinking about my family. My mother, father, my 3 brothers- Pen, Tuss, and Asher. I looked to my communication system, I still have one call left for this year. I typed in my mothers phone number and dialed it sweating. The last time I called her I told her I hated her. She probably wouldn’t even be proud.

I looked to see my fathers face on my TV.

“Austen!” he smiled and a tear came to his face. I couldn’t help but smile.He looked worn. His beard had grown back and he now had white hair. He put on his glasses to see me better. “How’ve you been?”

“Good, you?”

“Fine, just fine.” his smile widens.

“Would you like to see your brothers?”

“Of course!” I hear the pounding of foot steps in the background. They always loved to see me when I called, even though I was a sister I was stilled treated like a Tyler.

“Hey baby sis!” I hear my older brother Pen yell out. He was 21. His face appeared on the TV. He had blonde hair and had it cut like the famous Justin Bieber. His blue eyes shined.

“Hey!” I waited for the rest of them to show up. Asher, and then Tuss. Tuss was 11, and was going to be sent to training in 3 weeks. He had brown hair that was cut short and brown eyes. Asher was was the only one that looked like me, had red hair and brown eyes with some freckles. He was 26.

“Where’s mom?” I asked nervous.

“She’s…. um……… Not here.” Asher said.

“Where is she?” My face probably looked a bit nervous. What I said last time might have hurt her more than I thought.

“You haven’t told her yet?” Pen looks at my father with curiosity.

“Told me what?” I wanted to know what happened. Is she dead? Injured? Captured by Monior’s? Sentenced to death? Deleted form the system?


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