Another World

Earth, a beautiful place; or at least we thought it was until the war happened. We weren't sure how to fight back so we send every possible kid that came along, that is until I showed up. I changed what everyone thought about kids, that maybe we weren't just a bunch of test monkeys to send to space so they could win a war. I was more than a test monkey or that's what I wanted.


3. I'm Tested

A man in a red suit comes to me. “Are you Miss Austen Tyler?”     

    “Yes,” I nod controlling my nervousness I don’t want to show the slightest sign of a coward, that’s what sent my brother Pen home.

    “Follow me.” he seemed strict with his voice. He walks very stiff into a back room with no windows or lining to where you could even guess anyone was inside. He sat me in a chair across from a black man about mid age. His name was Mr. Brown, I had him one year before. He twiddled his fingers while checking me out. The man in the red suit left and the room became silent.

    Till one word was spoken after what felt like hours. He said, “Do you know what you’re getting yourself into Miss Tyler?”

    I gave him a straight simple answer, “Yes sir.” I sat up tight showing off my posture.

    “Hm……. I don’t have many girls pass through those doors. I’d say about 5 a year, and I usually don’t pass any of them. What makes you so confident and different from them?” he asks a very good question.

    “Isn’t that for you to decide sir?”

    “Yes, but I want to hear what you have to say.”

    “I believe that there is more in life then shopping for your husband at the grocery store twice a week, having kids, marrying that perfect guy, getting that one job, and I want to figure what that is sir.”

    He nods but doesn’t seem fully on my side. “I’ll tell you what Miss Tyler, you show me what that means and I’ll let you pass for this year but for now, let’s see what you’ve got.” he sits back getting comfortable and simply pressing a button that revealed a different wall with weapons of each kind. The same man with the red suite came out into the open and brung a dummy with him. There was a target on the heart, stomach, and head.

    “Miss Tyler, I want to see you hit all 3 targets right in the middle.” he informs me and watches intently.

I take a gulp and trudge over to the weapons and pick up the smaller yet sharper axe, this catches his attention even more. My best weapon was an axe and I’m proud to say not a lot of girls or even can say that. I look to the dummy and back up about another 5 feet. “Can I have a practice shot? Your axes are much lighter than mine.” I explain my predicament and he nods understanding.

I swing my axe in a little movement like a baseball bat and charge. With a leap I swing the axe with a “Uff!” I fall to my knees getting back up and look to my work. The dummy was decapitated. I looked to Mr. Brown who wasn’t even paying attention but writing on a paper.

“Did you even see that?” I asked furiously and I slammed my fists on his desk.

“Of course I did Miss Tyler,” he looks up to me in discontent. “but as you can also see the targets haven’t been finished.” he examines the dummy and looks to me again.

“I can see that sir.” I hold my temper back and smile uneasily.

“Well then let’s get on with it.” he looks stern and just sits back. I gives me a single nod and I continue my axe throwing.

The second one lands right through the heart and the tip of the axe peeks through the back of the dummy. I look to him again and he gives me a nod to keep going which frustrates me even more.

The third once again it hits the target and he makes no matter to congratulate me. “I think I’m done here.” I finally reject his disappointment.

“Miss Tyler are you leaving?” he sits up in his chair and lays his hands on his desk getting interested.

“Yes I am.” I start to the door but he stops me.

“You can’t leave,” he comments. “Because if you do then I’m going to kill your brother.”

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