Another World

Earth, a beautiful place; or at least we thought it was until the war happened. We weren't sure how to fight back so we send every possible kid that came along, that is until I showed up. I changed what everyone thought about kids, that maybe we weren't just a bunch of test monkeys to send to space so they could win a war. I was more than a test monkey or that's what I wanted.


5. I Want Home

Tuss gave my father a stern face as to move on and tell me. He finally spoke, “Your mother, well… She um… Is pregnant.”

I looked at my father in confusion, my mothers having another child? She already has four and she hasn’t had a kid in twelve years. I finally spoke up, “Why?”

    My brothers looked at my father as though to say, ‘We told you she wouldn’t act well about it.’ My father looked down in guilt. I didn’t want another kid, it was hard enough living in this family after all we’ve been through.

    I couldn’t help but at this moment look to Asher’s arm, it was just a stub at where his elbow should be. It was taken off in war, he was taken captive with seven other men and was tortured to give answers. My brother made an escape plan and sneaked out by breaking the rope with is pocket knife he always kept in his underwear. When he snuck out while the guards weren’t looking he escaped. He came back the next day to help the other men that were torture with him but they were furiously beaten and had died. When my brother came back to Earth his injuries in his right arm could not be healed or treated, so the had to amputate. That was my brother, who I’ve looked up to so much I’m determined to go to war and get his respect back.

    “She thought that having another child would help her, she tried to commit suicide..” my father had started to cry while Asher spoke to me. I even felt a tear strickle down my face.

    “Have they found out what it is yet?” I asked trying to get off the subject.

    “It’s a girl,” Pen spoke up smiling. Then my heart broke, I’ve always wanted a sister. Living with three boys isn’t easy to take on alone.

    “When is she coming?”

    “August 17th,” Tuss said.

    “That’s two months from today.” I said getting slightly excited. I will always be tested on June 17th, for it is my birthday. “What will be her name?”

    “Lillian Elizabeth Tyler.” my father finally let a word out that didn’t involve a tear. My smile grew bigger, for that was the name that I told my mother to give my brother Tuss, if he was a girl. Lillian was my favorite name.

    “She misses you.” Tuss said.

    “I miss her too.” I laughed. “Guess what happened today?”

    “What?” Asher seemed curious, he always wanted me to go to war. He was the only one in the family who actually supported it.

    “I passed!” I could feel my smile get even bigger, if it got too much bigger I think it’d fall off of my face.

    “That’s great!” my brother smiled with joy. My brother Pen left the room.

Pen was sent home because of lack of courage, maturity, nervousness that could show weakness in battle, and respect to his authorities. He left this year. He was so caught up in everything he couldn’t contain his nervousy and was sent home.  I’d be  surprised if he doesn’t hate me starting now.

The alarm at the top of my TV came on, I couldn’t talk any longer. “I have to go……. Tell mom I love her.” I wave goodbye and Asher gave me a proud smile. It was my dream to please him. My TV shut down and so did my heart. I wanted home.

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