Another World

Earth, a beautiful place; or at least we thought it was until the war happened. We weren't sure how to fight back so we send every possible kid that came along, that is until I showed up. I changed what everyone thought about kids, that maybe we weren't just a bunch of test monkeys to send to space so they could win a war. I was more than a test monkey or that's what I wanted.


1. Another Year

I walk through the hall into the Mes. My fate would now be tested to whether I would move on, be sent home to my family and never set foot in here again, or be deleted from the system. I’m allowed to quit the system before every testing if desired ,but this could show weakness and disrespect. I probably wouldn’t even make it into a college or even get a job. I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family.

I sat at a red bench like every year waiting for my turn and grab a newspaper with the headline “Cure for Cancer Found!” I had already read this report a million times just not believing it. It had taken 100 years to find this cure and it’s been the headline for 3 months straight. By now you would have thought it would just would have passed. That’s what happens all the time now, making a planet into a place you would have never thought a person could actually live on, flying cars, the whole entire U.S being completely guarded and watched at all times; this was all normal by now.

Then Mrs. Whitt, the receptionist at the info desk, gave me a wave to come and fill out my papers for the 7th year in a row. She had white hair, was a bit overweight, and probably in her 50’s. As I walk up to her she comments, “This will be your 2nd to last year, is that correct?” she starts looking more at the papers in front of her than me. I nodded. “Just fill out the list below like always. Since you are now 19 you may carry around a prefered gun with you. That is if you pass.” I nod understanding since I’ve already read the manual acquired from students and the passing privileges we now get. She gave me a smile and handed me a two page front and back packet.

I fill it out with ease. I knew everything except the last paragraph, every year you get a new paragraph. It asked my prefered gun if I passed, I put: AOS 24. The newest and latest gun of 2073. What is your hair color, blonde. Your eye color, brown. Your height, 5’10.

I gave it to Mrs. Whitt and waited my turn. It usually takes hours to get in but it only took three hours. I think as you get older you don’t have to wait as long. I thought about my family, I haven’t seen them in seven years. Not for Christmas, my own Birthday, Thanksgiving, or Easter.

Being on plant ET3 - Earth Training 3, or any of the other three planets you never see your family. We have four planets all together. We have Earth, EB2, ET3, and EW4.

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