The First Day

15 year old Avery a deaf student, starts High School with hearing kids. When she meets Louis the school bully will he have a change of heart for the deaf or will his hatred get stronger?


3. A Strange Visit

Avery's POV

After school ended it was back to my routine. Do homework, study, and usually text or hang out with Leigh but she hasn't said a word to me since Homeroom.

A red flashing light above my door indicates that someone is at the door. I ran down the stairs expecting Leigh but it wasn't her. It was Louis.

Louis POV

Avery opened the door.

"Hey" she says

"Hey. Can I come in?" I ask her

"Yeah sure. How did you know where I live?" She asked me

"Um. I live across the street..." I said pointing tiny house.

"Sorry I never leave the house" she said

We sat on the couch and her mom comes out from the pantry.

"Avery who is this?!" She signed to Avery

"A boy from school Louis" she signed to her mom

"Is he deaf does he sign?" She asked looking a bit worried

I step in

"I'm not deaf but my foster mom is, was and I sign"

"What do you mean was at school you said is"

"I lied. My foster mom died when I was 12 but I already knew. I just didn't want to explain at school" I said

"I'm sorry" Avery said "I didn't know..."

"It's fine" I need to tell Avery the truth...

Avery's POV

Louis's hands were shaking

"What's wrong" I ask him

"My foster mom wasn't deaf... I was" Louis replied

"Are you lying to me?" I asked shocked but not surprised.

" no. I was born deaf. But my foster mom didnt care to sign. My mom died when I was 4 I knew how to sign. But my foster mom said signing was a stupid language to learn. And got me a cochlear." He said looking refreshed.

"Lou it's ok why didn't you tell me" I asked

"I didn't want you to look at me differently. No one knows not even the teachers!" He said signing really fast.

"I'm glad you told me, but I need to finish Mr. Burgaharts Homework. But I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked

"Yeah sure. Bye Avery" Louis signed

And with that he left.

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