The First Day

15 year old Avery a deaf student, starts High School with hearing kids. When she meets Louis the school bully will he have a change of heart for the deaf or will his hatred get stronger?


2. A Boy Named Louis

Avery's POV

I walk to my class in the halls I see goths, jocks, nerds, and then there's me a lonely deaf girl. But one boy stands out he has blue icy eyes and brown swishish hair over his ear, like he had a cochlear. No way I was told I was the only deaf student here.

I follow the boy and he walks into my class. Great.

I see my interpreter Ms.Alexoudis. She tells me to sit up front.

"No! I don't want to draw attention to myself!!" I tell her.

"Okay' she says in surrender.

On the board reads

"Welcome students!"

1. Sit down

2. Talk with your seat neighbor (get to know them)

I sit in the back the boy comes and sits next to me.

Louis's POV

She's really pretty I don't even know her name!

I see an interpreter deaf girl, great! Luckily I know ASL

"Hey" I sign to her "I'm Louis" I sign to her and then my name sign.

"You know ASL?" She asks

"Yeah I'm fluent my foster mom is deaf" I tell her. I lied.

"I'm Avery" She says and signs her sign name.

"You want to sit with me at lunch?" I sign

"Yeah I have ZERO friends here"

"Your lying" I tell her


"You have me" I tell her. The interpreter watching, but I don't care.


Averys POV

I walk to the Café and see the lunch lines and Louis. I really think hes hiding something about how he knows ASL. I walk to the line and wait. Looking for Leigh shes hanging out with Allison. Didn't even notice me!

I got my lunch, and look for Louis. He's sitting with the jocks. He sees me and tells me to come and sit down across from him.

So I do. We sign and I learn all about his friends and try to understand what they're talking about... Girls, bikes, teachers? No clue.

But what I do know is that I like Louis and I think he likes me.

A/N You like? I kinda got inspiration form switched at birth. What do you think Louis is hiding from Avery??




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