Blood Fusion War

The reincarnated Angelexis is back, and stronger as ever. She is a goddess, and now she has to face Harold and protect the family she started before she died and came back. They may not be blood, but no one touches a mother's children


9. Would he make up his mind

              I felt James presence before he ever cleared his throat. I turned towards him and just like yesterday his jaw dropped. I could tell that he was hungry once again for he had to leave when I was bleeding and he kept glancing at my throat. I wish he would just ask already, I couldn't say no to him, and he should know that I would not do anything that would put him in pain intentional. I also wish he would change me as well, it would be nice to be with a species, and it would feel good. He wouldn't be able to leave me and not have to worry about hurting me. I wish, but isn't that every girls dream to stay a teenager for, forever. I love him, he knows that now, he knows everything. He also know about the curse, his power, and now that is going to die way before I do in this life and I can't do anything about it. I turned away from him so he doesn't see the anguish on my face, that I can't protect my daughter's father. He walked towards me and turned me to face him, and his face contorted with concern. I didn't want to tell him, but my eyes was tearing up. He knew what I was thinking of that hurt me so much. He drew me into his chest, into a hug, while he was kissing the top of my head.

"Hey Baby, don't cry. If I die to protecting you and our unborn child, then I will happily do it."

"I don't want to live without you though. I don't want out daughter growing up without a father. I had to do that, but I didn't even have a mother for I killed them both. Do you want to know something?"

"What is it? Is... it a surprise?" He laughed, which brought me out of my depression, and anger.

I am already pregnant. He froze and pulled me away from his chest so he could look at me in the face. His face was happiness, shock, and love.

"That is good news and bad news," he said as his face fell into sadness.

"What do you mean?" I asked really confused.

"Do you remember your vision?" I nodded. How could I forget? "We have eight months together, and we will have a beautiful baby girl.

"Then we ought to never separate. Make the most of our time together," I explained to him. We have eight months starting from last night. We have to make them count, and as if he could hear what I was thinking. He took my face clearly in his hands, I could tell that he was being gentle. Too Gentle. He went to kiss me, and I bit his lip. Then he realized I didn't take kindly to being treated like a doll. He understood, he took me and lifted me on to the bathroom counter. He slowly unzipped my suit, and he traced my ribcage. I halted his hands, and made him look up at me.

"We have school, there is only two weeks till your graduation, and I can study hard with your help I can pass as well as skip two grades," I explained. He looked at me and he smiled with amusement. "You should appreciate my uncanny ability for magic," I said with returned amusement. He smiled in return.

"That is true, I don't want to wake up as frog," he said teasing. I hopped down from the counter, and zipped myself up. Just in time for Amanda, to walk in.

"Are you two coming? Or you two going to screw each other SILLY?" she asked aggravated. I looked up at James with the look, you are going to be coming.

"Yes we are coming," and I emphasized we so he would know I was talking about both of us.

"Is there something I need to know?" Amanda asked now really suspicious.

Should we tell her? For she will have to deal with me, or I can move in with you?

That is up to you... Mo chroi.

"No there's not. Can you go get Samantha please?" I asked her as she walked away.

“Why is there something I shouldn’t know about?” she asked as she walked away.

“Just go ok” I told her.

Then I took James’s hand and we walked down to the main room and as Amanda was coming with Samantha in tow, they was talking like two peas in a pod. When Samantha looked up at me I saw suspicion in her eyes, before I could change my mind. Samantha stopped me, she looked at Amanda.

"Hey Amanda can you, go and get Daisy something to drink please in the kitchen," she asked her subtly.

"Sure," and she left to go get me something to drink.

"Ok, you had something to tell me?" she asked quickly.

"Yeah, Samantha, I am pregnant, and James is the father," I saw the shock on her face fade into joy and pride.

James should we tell her about my vision?

I don't know that is up to you, but I think we should so she can help you with the delivery.

I hate to think that she won't even know her father, she won't know you. I did everything in my power not to cry.

"Ok, that is good, but why don't you want Amanda to know," she asked suddenly really suspicious.

"For in my past life, I had a flashback, which awoken his past memories of his past life and mine. When I am eight months pregnant he will end up dying to protect me and our daughter," I explained. When I said dying though she went from being all sweet and kind, to being the protective, older sister. That meant if I was the reason that he died that would mean she would kill me to protect him.

         He must have saw it, as well the change in his sister. He pushed me and for the first time since he was in the bathroom. I saw him shift, but with him being a vampire he has access to shapes that no one would remember. He shifted into a saber tooth tiger. He stood in front of me and I was behind him in my wolf form and I realized something. He was not an average saber tooth tiger he was a bright blue saber tooth tiger. This is different and when she saw the fact that her little brother shifted into another form, she completely lost it. I ran away in fear for my fate, he ran to prevent my fate by the hands of his sister.


I am not leaving you James. Not till I have to, to protect our daughter.

OK, then FINE. Hide then I will find you after I calm my sister down and explain how I can shift now.

Are you sure you can explain?

No but I will risk it to keep her from killing you.

Ok, find me when you are done Mo Ghra.

               Then I ran to hide from the mess that I made. I realized that I make a lot of messes that he has to drag me out. I mentally laughed at the thought, wow, I am going to have to stop making messes. I was still running but I was running up stairs as fast as my four legs can go. I would go to the one place they won't look for me at, for being I am a wolf, which means I don't like being contained. Find a enclosed area, or a cage, or... A coffin. :)


          I went to his bedroom and crawled into his coffin. I can be blamed for a lot of things but for falling asleep in my vampires bed isn't one of them. I fell asleep and slept so hard that I don't even remember what I dreamt about. When I woke up this is what I got.


Danielle, it is alright you are safe just tell your Souchare where you are at.

Who is the one that is not yelling at me?

It is I, Anubis. I jumped up so hard my head hit the coffin lid.

"Daisy," I heard James not too far away from me. I tried to find the lock on the coffin lid I found it turned it and got out of his coffin. He was in his bedroom looking for me so when I got out he looked over and surprise came across his face. Then dread, what did he do this time to keep me safe?

"James are you ok?" he shook his head, no. "What happened?" I asked him, I saw the tears forming in his eyes. I ran to him, I hugged him and held him close. Not caring the fact was I was naked, and I was holding him so hard it would hurt an average human.

"I had to kill her, wow, so much problems, thanks to a single woman," he said with a sneer. I was scared now that he was going to leave me. "I want you to go, leave school, and never return to Maine ever again," I took a step back, and looked at him to make sure I heard him correctly.

"What?" I choked out. He looked at me, it looked like something died in those eyes.

"You heard me Bitch, I want you gone. It is like picking up a stray, it causes chaos and destruction. I lost my entire family thanks to you and now I have no way to get my sister back, I can call my parents back, but I can't call her back. I killed her, now I regret it. I regret you, and what will happen. Your ex will come after you and I won't stop him, if you did to him what you did to me, then you deserves what he does," then he turned his back to me. "I may always be your soul-mate, Sonuchar, but that will not give me back what I have lost," then I ran out crying.

          I was hoping that he would prove me wrong that some guys care, but he proved to me that, is never true. I would disappear, wow, that shows how much a life can change so drastically. I am going to finish school, but I will not try to skip grades. I shifted and went back to my dorm, with Amanda. She was there waiting for me, I don't think this will not be good. For I have no clothes and I have to whine to get her to open the door, then I would have to shift once I got inside.

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